Jeff Hardy: Charismatic Enigma or Tragedy Waiting to Happen?

Ryan MartinContributor IIISeptember 11, 2011

Slipping away
Slipping away

So it would appear that Impact Wrestling has decided that it still needs drug 'addict' Jeff Hardy to keep its promotion growing. In my own very humble opinion this is a mistake and a dangerous one at that. 

The squash match with Sting when Hardy was clearly in no fit state to compete made me lose all respect for Impact Wrestling (then TNA) and the idiots that run it. If an NFL coach allowed a drunken or any other way intoxicated player take to the field he would be hung, drawn and quartered. The TNA way though is to bill its fans $50 and have a 70-second main event.

A hiatus followed and the Internet lit up with rumors and theories on what happened that night and the state of the former WWE/TNA World Champion. Let us be real here for one second. If Jeff had managed to avoid the attention of TNA officials and went out to wrestle a normal match he could have caused serious injury, or worse, a fatality, to himself or Sting.

To be fair Jeff had one hell of a career, he was the better of the Hardy Boyz and one of the greatest risk takers in the wrestling business. The current risk Impact Wrestling is taking, however, will not be one worthy of watching.

Impact Wrestling needs to support Jeff through his addiction problems, providing care and rehabilitation, but that does not come in the form of letting him re-enter the squared circle. This will not happen as compassion or care does not lead to ratings and cash.

The only thing good about Jeff being back in Impact Wrestling is that it keeps him off the Indy scene, where he really could cause some damage. Less scrutiny on performers (look at some of Scott Halls' recent shows) and promoters willing to do anything to secure a big name would be a dangerous cocktail for Hardy to be in.

I've seen a lot of people asking if Jeff deserves another chance and quite simply put the answer is, "No!"