Amare Stoudemire: Is He Holding Back the Phoenix Suns?

Tom ThomasonCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

Now before you ask me what drugs I'm on, hear me out. We all know what a great player Stoudemire is. We all know he can score.  We all love his SportsCenter highlight dunks.

But, where is the defense he keeps promising? He obviously has the tools to be a great ball stopper. The problem is that he is a ball stopper on offense. I admit once in a while he can manage a really nice pass. And I admit he can sometimes hustle for loose balls. 

So what concerns me as I watch the Suns play? What is making me speak blasphemy against our Black Jesus? Well for one, his ego has been growing exponentially year after year. Remember when he fired his agent because he wasn't a big enough star?

Another is he's becoming unbearable on offense.  As soon as STAT gets the ball, you can see his eyes get huge when he spots the basket. Now, I realize he is the Suns' top scorer. I realize he needs to get his touches. But, when is he going to learn that he can't dunk over everyone from anywhere?

Last night against the Lakers, Amare tried to take on three players at once!! I couldn't believe my eyes! There he was, ball in hand, covered by at least three Laker defenders and instead of passing it back out, he actually tried to get to the basket.

I hope Im wrong and STAT leads the team to the promise land. But, Terry Porter needs to sit down with his star player and explain to him that this IS NOT THE AMARE STOUDEMIRE SHOW!