NBA Lockout: Deron Williams Is Enjoying Turkey a Little Too Much

Brett David RobertsCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2011

You can't tell me this man doesn't look ecstatic
You can't tell me this man doesn't look ecstatic

If you follow Deron Williams on Twitter, you will notice he has been tweeting Turkish phrases, talking about how exciting it is to be in Turkey, and in general just appearing to be on cloud nine.  It was something I predicted over a month and a half ago, before he even arrived in Turkey. 

It leads me to this possibly off-base quasi-prediction:  Deron Williams may stay in Turkey even after the lockout ends...if he enjoys the change enough.  He never has appeared completely content in the NBA, mostly by virtue of never having played on a true contender.  

If he could go to Turkey, make big bucks and win, why would he feel compelled to return?

tweeted:  "Learing some Turkish phrases! Naber Kara kartallar burda oldugum icin cok mutluyum."

I don't know what that means, but to me it may as well read "Bye bye America, I am a god now."

To some extent, all of us are egotists, and good athletes have to be.  Why wouldn't Deron Williams want to be looked upon as the best player in the league?  If Hedo goes over there, as he has said he may, would there even be any chance at all, of him returning to the NBA?  Would the huge dollars promised to him be enough to take him away from his homeland, where he is loved?

The NBA may be the world's most competitive and highest paying league, but that does not mean it is the only league with good pay and above average competition.  There are a number of good leagues in Europe and Turkey offers a great one, to be sure.  Turkoglu, though aging, and Deron Williams, would give Turkish fans the excitement they've been waiting for, and those feelings are mutual.  Players love being loved.