Terrible Ten Of College Football:Week 13

Dan BooneSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2008

The Terrible Ten is better than the BCS because we have a true title game. The 0-10 Washington Huskies face a 1-10 Washington State Cougars squad called the worst in BCS history.

The Cougars must be really rancid, as winless Washington is a seven-point favorite over the home standing Cougars.

The battle for Washington, the Apple Bowl, could quite possibly be the worst game in NCAA history.


1] Washington State Cougars 1-10

When a winless team is a seven-point favorite over you at home you got serious problems.


2] Washington Huskies 0-10

Fear not Cougars, Tyrone Willingham can always find a way to lose.


3] Syracuse Orange 2-8

Tyrone Willingham has been mentioned as a possible head coach at the Cuse. A twice fired, winless coach roaring in will surely sell many Syracuse season tickets.


4]  Michigan Wolverines 3-8

The Wolverine fans expected growing pains, but this nightmare season looks more like dreadful death throes.


5]  San Diego State Aztecs 1-10

They are terrible, but they outplayed Notre Dame.


6] SMU Mustangs 1-10

Missing Maui, June?


7] Purdue Boilermakers 3-8

What else can the Purdue players do to torture Joe Tiller as he limps towards retirement? Maybe rip out his fingernails with pliers?


8] North Texas Mean Green 1-10

The Mean Green are nowhere to be seen. They play more like the North Texas Mellow Yellow.


9] Tennessee Volunteers 3-7

After that Wyoming loss, they should have called it a campaign.


10]Notre Dame 6-4

Notre Dame's big wins this year were over the 5-6 Stanford Cardinal and the 6-4 Navy Midshipmen. The teams the Irish beat this year are a combined 18-46 with the 2-8 Syracuse Orange looming. But they have dominated the Terrible Ten, beating four of the worst teams in the nation, with the demoralized Orange waiting to be squeezed.

If they do not beat USC, they should be embarrassed to go to a Bowl. But they will go if only just to notch their 16th bowl loss in a row.