Steven Jackson Video: Watch Rams Running Back Rip Eagles D for Touchdown

Ruben BalderasSenior Analyst IIISeptember 11, 2011

St. Louis Rams perennial Pro Bowler Steven Jackson opened the scoring on Sunday with an astonishing 47-yard rush for a touchdown against a Philadelphia Eagles team many people feel will make a serious run deep into the postseason.

This year's Rams are not the same team mired in futility that they have been for nearly a decade, and many believe that the Rams are the team that will emerge from the NFC West in 2011-12. 

Watch the video. You'll see Steven Jackson living up to his moniker, "The Beast," burning his way to the end zone completely untouched by any Eagles. When Jackson has the ball, it is a beautiful thing. He hits the hole with ferocity and weaves through traffic like the seasoned veteran he is. Once he is in the open field, forget about it.

This video shows Jackson at his best, and the Rams will expect many more runs like this year, provided he can stay healthy. After this run, Jackson reportedly left the game with an injury to his right leg before returning in the second quarter. As of now, the severity of the injury is unknown. Jackson has been relatively healthy for most of his career, but he has missed games in the past with leg injuries.

Will Jackson's injury linger? If he misses any significant time due to this injury, how will it affect the Rams' postseason chances? The rest of this game should be an indicator of what this Rams team would look like without "The Beast."