Talkin' Noise: Volume 2

Michael OleszekAnalyst INovember 21, 2008

"On this episode of Michigan is 3-8...."

Could it get any worse for RichRod and the Wolverines? Yes it can, actually. That super-recruit, Terrelle Pryor, and his merry band of Buckeyes look to stomp Michigan and send them to a 3-9 season. Not too good for the coach who spurned lawsuits, threats, buyouts, and basically mortgaged the 2008 Michigan season on landing Terrelle Pryor.

Until Pryor signed with the hated Buckeyes. If Michigan wins on Saturday (which they won't), it will have cost the Wolverines a cool $1 million per win. That's bordering on New York Yankees-type money.

And, it may cost the Wolverines even more, if they can stop the rumored defection of players. Among those rumored to leave is YouTube superstar/running back Sam McGuffie.


"Going pro in something else..."

Good luck to Florida State safety Myron Rolle on Saturday. Not because the Seminoles are playing Maryland to stay in the ACC race, but because Rolle will be interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship, and will miss at least the first half of the game.

For those who don't know what that is, it is a scholarship for international study and a pretty big deal in the academic world.

Some of the past people awarded one include: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Former NBA star and U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, Former USC quarterback Pat Haden, and Former Colorado running back and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron "Whizzer" White.

Florida State can use this achievement; especially for a school with the academic/ football scandal still looming, an anthropology school located in a strip mall, and a curriculum that includes classes for joining the circus.

You would think that with the support of the Seminole Indian tribe of Florida, and the football team supporting them by wearing all-black uniforms, they would at least have classes in Casino Management.


"We're having another blackout." "What do you need, an F-ing nightlight?"

As I mentioned above, Florida State broke out the all-black uniforms again last week in support of the "Unconquered" state of the Seminole Indian tribe. They are one of the teams in college football that has all-black uniforms, despite black not being one of their primary colors.

Maryland and Louisville have all-black versions of their unis, and last week the University of Phil Knight...I mean Oregon, debuted their version with some awful duck/Kid Icarus wings on the jersey.

I hate to break it to these schools, but you're not meant to wear all-black. You're just not that badass enough to pull it off. Johnny Cash? For sure. Darth Vader? Yup. Elvis when he made his comeback in '68? You betcha. Dale Earnhardt? Absolutely.


"This ain't your daddy's wishbone."

Watching Miami get shredded by Georgia Tech's flexbone/triple option offense last night brought me a big amount of joy.

For years, the triple option offense was rendered virtually useless against the vaunted speed of various Miami Hurricane defenses. Even though Miami is rebuilding, there is plenty of talent and speed on that defense.

All of it went to waste last night in a flash of true triple option football. No other non-service academy is using the true triple option scheme. Granted, aspects of the spread option are used and based off of the flexbone/wishbone/triple option; but not to this extent.

If Paul Johnson and the rest of the Georgia Tech coaching staff can move the recruiting vacuum from Athens to Atlanta, they could run the ACC for years to come.


"The Immovable Object meets The Irresistible Force."

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma.

A huge game with Big 12/BCS/National Title implications slapped into the middle of rivalry week. Two of the best teams and two of the best quarterbacks in the country will be on display in primetime on Saturday night. 

For all of the people clamoring for a playoff (including me), this game boils down to a playoff game. The loser will be eliminated from the Big 12 and BCS contention.