WWE: Remembering the Patriotic Smackdown 9/11 Tribute Show

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIISeptember 11, 2011

It's difficult to comprehend that it's been 10 years since the national tragedy on that September day. Has it really been that long since those planes crashed? So much has changed in the last 10 years and the pain that was felt when the towers collapsed is still felt by all Americans and the patriotic spirit that came after was inspiring which I believe the patriotism shown in the days after 9/11 should also be remembered.

At the time of the attacks, I was only 11 years old and to an 11 year old it was a scary time as I had no clue as to why such hate and destruction was capable. I couldn't grasp why all those innocent people hate to die. I was scared for my family, my friends and for every American, as no one knew if there could be another attack.

The Smackdown after was monumentally as it helped me keep going as an American and showed me that no matter we can always show that we can be wounded, we can be scared for our neighbor but we'll keep on going showing those who'd would do us harm that no matter what they'd do we'll keep on being resilient.

Seeing those WWE superstars and employees walk out upon the ramp with some with a flag in hand and some with a tears streaking down. They were not wrestlers getting ready to lay the Smackdown on each other nor talking smack in a promo exchange. They were simply for that moment Americans showing raw human emotions towards an event that affected everyone.

Hearing Lilian Garcia sing the national anthem was chilling and at the same time emotionally stirring as you can sense the sadness and pride in her voice. Seeing the wrestlers listen with expressions of sorrow, anguish and most of all pride for their country. With everyone in the stadium giving a standing ovation both for Garcia and for the American spirit. 

Throughout the special episode the wrestlers wrestled not for championship gold nor for bragging rights but for the American people. We needed a moment where we could just focus on something other than the tragedy, even if it's for a moment as we needed it. The show gave us hope that we can continue and that even through things might not have been same but we would show the world that America cannot be obliterated and we'll come back stronger than ever.

As an eleven year old trying to come to terms with the scope of the devastation that occurred, I needed that show as I was filled with such sadness. I didn't lose anyone but was devastated for all those who lost love ones and I still am to this day. That Smackdown gave me the fuel to keep going and helped replaced the fear with patriotic pride. 

Today being the tenth anniversary of the attacks and we'll be remembering the loss of life. We'll be remembering those towers and the planes that crashed on that day. We must also remember the moments afterwards that showed we can survive this and Smackdown is one of those moments.