You Know You're a Montreal Canadiens Fan When...

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2008

You know you're a Canadiens fan when...

  • The number 21, 273 means something to you.
  • You still watch Bob Cole's call of the final minute of the 1993 Stanley Cup Final and get goose-bumps.
  • You scream, yell and swear while watching the game at home.
  • You barely hear the commentators on TV, because the fans in the Bell Centre are too loud.
  • You recognize any Habs player walking down the streets.
  • You start conversations with random people wearing Habs' clothing.
  • You can name the players whose jerseys have been retired.
  • You hang the flag of the team all year long.
  • You travel to watch the team play outside Montréal, and you have no problem yelling “GO HABS GO” or singing “OLÉ.”
  • You wear a Habs' jersey even though they're not playing.