Brett Favre-Rewriting the Pages

Kristin HamlinSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2008

Kneeling down on that grass, staring up at the empty stands, for the first time he feels at home.  Maybe it was the view of his own breath that reminded him of his former state.  Maybe it was the fact that he felt needed again.  Whatever it was, it was nice to finally not have that homesick feeling anymore.

Even now, he got a kick out of watching the other players taking deep breaths and running in place to keep warm.  It never really affected him, the weather.  Matter of fact, he loved playing in these kind of temperatures.

He loved looking at the scoreboard seeing 25 degrees and snowflakes pounding on the field, realizing that the thrill he had for the game alone kept him warm.

Brett Favre.  Quite the controversial name nowadays. 

Love him or hate him, he’s back ladies and gentleman.  At 39-years-old, there isn’t too much you can say that would really get to him.  He has proved the theory “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” to be true. 

A resistant Jets team wasn’t sure what Brett would really do for the team, besides add more popularity.  Little did they know, they would be falling in love with his personality, his drive, and his dedication to putting the “fun” back in competition.

Teammate Jerricho Cotchery says, “He’s changed the culture totally.  When I first met him, he was saying that the two things he was going to do was score touchdowns and have fun. And we’ve been scoring touchdowns, and we’ve been having a lot of fun. It’s more relaxed.  Guys are having fun each and every day.  Guys are happy to be here”.

Sunday will be one of the Jets' biggest games and they are preparing hard for it.  They will be meeting the undefeated 10-0 Tennessee Titans, but have a lot of momentum as they are coming off four straight victories, holding an impressive 7-3 record. 

When asked if he was ready to play the Titans, Brett humbly replied, “We're playing the best team in football right now. It will be a tough test, but not any tougher than what we faced last week.  This is what I came back for-this feeling”.

And this is why we love to watch you Brett.  Maybe it is pretty humorous that you are the NFL leader in not only touchdown passes, but interceptions as well.  One minute people are hoisting you on their shoulders rooting for you, the very next they are slamming you for throwing another pick.

Regardless, you have an amazing sense of humor about it, as you proved in last week’s game against the Patriots.

“After the coin flipped in overtime, Randy Moss looked at me and said ‘throw a pick’. So I wanted to find him and tell him I didn’t,” he said with a smile.

Some have stated, and maybe correctly, that the reason Favre has broken so many records is simply that he's played in the league for so long.

With that said, it could also be truly stated that his longevity alone is one of the rarest things you can find in the NFL.

Brett’s attitude has been quite contagious, even with head coach Eric Mangini.  Mangini points out why it is more pleasure than pain having Brett as his QB.

“He can be focused, get his work done, but keep the group light, keep practice fun, keeps the guys excited about each day.  He’s got that passion for football, that love of the game.”

Yes, he certainly does Eric.

Tennessee is ready but nervous for this game, and have been since the beginning of the season. 

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz remembers looking at the schedule in April thinking, “When he retired, I was like ‘Whew, we got away with that one,’ because we had Green Bay on the schedule this year.  And then he showed up on the schedule anyway, because we have the JETS too.  And if he would have gone to Minnesota, we would have seen him there too.  We were really rooting for Tampa Bay to tell you the truth.”

Well said Jim.  I wouldn’t want my team facing Brett Favre and his stellar defense when they are as amped up as they are. 

Win or lose, the Jets should be proud of themselves.  From a 2-8 start last year to where they are now is a pretty magical thing. 

Their storybook year has been epic to say the least. Will the next chapter written include the spoiling of a team's perfect season?


Or will the critics get the pen and continue to castigate Brett's return to glory?


My bet is on the JETS.  My bet is on sweet redemption.  My bet is on the storybook ending.


My bet is on Brett.