Giants are the NFL's Last Hope

Trevor BentleyCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2008

After two weeks of wait, the day is here.

The day all football nerds who have waited 17 weeks plus the playoffs for.

The Giants spoiled America's dream Super Bowl, knocking out Green Bay and setting up one of the most important rematches of all-time.

Well after back-to-back upsets over America's Team and the cheeseheads in Dallas and frigid Green Bay, the team should make an odd decision.

I have come to the conclusion the Giants should have 16 road games and forget the Meadowlands. With 10-straight road wins, the Giants have catapulted themselves into the biggest games of their lives since their embarrassment in 2001 against the Ravens.

The Giants can make history in a positive or a negative way. It depends which team from New York flies down to the desert.

The Giants have two colossal outcomes today.

Either end the reign of the Pats and redeem themselves after almost ending their run three weeks ago, or bow to the juggernaut, who would go 19-0.

All I can say is that history will be made. The fate of the NFL as we know it lies in your hands New York.

Help us Giants: You're our only hope.