Iron Bowl 2008: Dedicated to John "Johnny" Mark Stallings

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 21, 2008

The Crimson Tide of Alabama has a missing chair at the round table this football season. A huge fan,took his journey home, Aug. 2.

John Mark Stallings,the son of Coach Gene Stallings and his wife; went on homeward, to that eternal reward laid up for all the good and just and angels like John Mark.

John Mark would help the players in the locker room, and if he saw them in pain, he would "Put Ice on it" to make it all better.

This Alabama and Auburn game is going to be watched over by a angel.  John Mark, whose story is as inspirational as one who most certainly, fought the good fight.

Finished the entire course, and went onto that  "Crown-of-Life," an eternal life where there is no sickness, no Down's syndrome, no pain, no disease. Healthy, eternally whole and still The University of Alabama's Biggest Fan and our Angel.

John Mark, while we miss you and that inspirational smile of yours, we know one thing. Somewhere, just over that river Jordan stands Alabama's greatest fan and the team's kindest first aid tech.  Our beloved John Mark Stallings.

"Go Alabama"; John Mark would say.  Let us remember him,and pick up his battle cry.  "Go Alabama!"  Let's win this one for John Mark.