Top 5 Smokin' Hot Sky Sports News Presenters

Sam TigheWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterSeptember 10, 2011

Top 5 Smokin' Hot Sky Sports News Presenters

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    Sky Sports News is watched for two reasons.

    The first reason is to get the latest news involving sports.

    The second reason is enjoy the show as Sky's recruitment policy of incredibly hot female presenters never fails to satisfy us.

    Take a look at five of the hottest presenters we've seen over the last couple of years.

5. Natalie Sawyer

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    A star of the recent transfer deadline day on Sky Sports News and mainstay beauty on our screens.

    She kept me from insanity as boring, aging Scotsman Jim White jumped around the screen. She doesn't boast the accentuated hairstyles and make-up that some of her colleagues do, but she is still an absolute treasure.

    Unfortunately though, she's married to her colleague Sam Matterface and has a child who is named the ridiculous "Sawyer Matterface." Something of a hybrid?

4. Hayley McQueen

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    Has worked in an assortment of locations, including BoroTV, MUTV and Fox Sports.

    Perhaps the strangest move in her career was hosting the morning show for World Cup 2010 for Al Jazeera Sports TV station. 

    She finally (much to the relief of us!) returned to Sky Sports News in 2010 to kick off their HD launch. Is there a face more welcome on our HD screens?

3. Millie Clode

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    Has worked at Sky Sports News since 2006 and other assorted ITV productions.

    You know you're hot when you present a Poker show. She did exactly that for Channel 4 in 2010.

    She was ranked No. 1 Sport babe by The Sun not so long ago, but she doesn't achieve top of pile in my list. 

    Long may her employment at Sky bring beauty to our screens.

2. Georgie Thompson

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    Close to hitting No. 1 but not quite. She remains incredibly popular among fans, and when presenting transfer deadline day, trended on Twitter. Streams of fans wrote crude but amusing comments of giving her medicals and transferring her to their beds.

    She's been a presenter for Sky Sports News for some time now, and the lucky man married to her happens to be the idiotic Declan Donnelly.

    She recently received a lengthy driving ban after being caught under the influence—but who the hell cares?

1. Charlotte Jackson

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    She's worked for Setanta, TEAMtalk and Football365. She currently works for Sky Sports News.

    But that's not important. What is important is that she is so hot, she got Andy Gray fired.

    Since launching herself as a TV presenter, she has gone on to do modelling and remains incredibly popular among British football fans. It is a common debate amongst fans who they prefer out of Charlotte or GeorgieI've opted for Charlotte!