Albert Pujols vs. Nyjer Morgan, Who Would Win?

Jordan LewisContributor IIISeptember 12, 2011

Albert Pujols vs. Nyjer Morgan, Who Would Win?

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    Albert Pujols, Nyjer Morgan.

    Nyjer Morgan...Albert Pujols.

    Finally, the day has arrived when our dream of seeing a tilt between Albert Pujols and Nyjer Morgan could potentially be fulfilled!

    Recent advances in the relationship would suggest that a bare-knuckles boxing match between the two stars is in the making.

    After getting thrown out of Milwaukee's game against the Cardinals last week, Morgan has been calling out Pujols via Twitter, referring to Pujols as "Alberta."

    While Pujols (or Alberta, depending on whose side you're on) has declined to speak about the instigating Morgan had been doing, there's no denying he might have some choice words for Morgan in their next meeting.

    Here is a comparison of each player, with a prediction of who would come out of this brawl with the belt.

Physical Attributes

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    Albert Pujols

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 230 lbs

    Nyjer Morgan

    Heights: 6'0"

    Weight: 175 lbs


    Albert Pujols definitely has the upper hand here, as he is two weight classes heavier than him and significantly taller.

    A punch from Morgan would likely bounce harmlessly off of Pujols' much larger body and could even cause damage to Morgan's hands.


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    Albert Pujols

    Although Pujols is a fairly reserved guy most of the time, he is an intense player and he has proven in the past that he won't back down from a challenge.

    In 2003, in a game against the San Diego Padres that followed a game-winning home run from Pujols the night before, he was hit in the upper body by the first pitch that was thrown to him, in the first inning.

    Upon being hit, Pujols exchanged sentiments with Padres catcher Gary Bennett and pushed him, causing a bench-clearing brawl in which he delivered a punch to Bennett's face.

    This is where that size would come in handy; a hook from Pujols would probably ring Morgan's bell.

    Nyjer Morgan

    Morgan may be small, but he's wiry and he isn't afraid to run his mouth or throw hands. He has experience in the MLB, gained when he charged the mound and fought Chris Volstad this time last year.

    After the confrontation, Morgan left the field acting like he had just become the undisputed champion of the world.

    We've also learned from numerous interviews and video that he is a little bit crazy, giving a shred of hope that he might actually consider getting into it with Pujols.


    Morgan has far more experience in situations like these, which is why he's running the table right now. While Pujols refuses to address his feelings of what has been going on to the media, Morgan continues to stoke the fire.

    It's only a matter of time until Morgan's crazy switch goes on and he makes something out of all the talking he's been doing.


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    Albert Pujols

    Not to suggest that Pujols is a cold, hard killer or anything, but he's made a career out of clobbering baseballs with a baseball bat, and seeing as how he may be in the middle of an at-bat when/if a bench-clearing brawl occurs, he'll have one in his hands.

    Like I said, not jumping to any conclusions...

    At the very least, Pujols is impossibly strong and while he may not be a fighter by nature, his strength alone could put Morgan in his place.

    When one of the fight participants can bench-press two of the other's body weight, there's a clear advantage.

    Nyjer Morgan

    Outweighed or not, Morgan has one glaring advantage over Pujols: If Morgan blows a fuse, there's no telling what he could do in a fight.

    He'll also have a speed advantage. If he can take the first blow and throw his punches with speed, Pujols may not be able to keep up.


    This is where it gets difficult. Although Pujols has such a prominent size and strength advantage over Morgan, I feel as if Morgan would be more concerned with winning than Pujols would. While Albert may just be fighting because of his intensity in the game, Morgan would have a separate agenda: He's looking to chalk a point in the "Win" column.


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    Albert Pujols

    Pujols' main weakness is the fact that he recently broke his right, and dominant, hand. It's going to be hard to deliver a very hard lead punch with the re-injury risk so high.

    Other than this and the fact that he would be considerably slower than Morgan, I'd be hard-pressed to find any other weaknesses in Pujols.

    He's a finely tuned machine.

    Nyjer Morgan

    As crazy as it may seem (no pun intended), it's Morgan's slightly loony personality that will be his main weakness.

    He won't just spit at you, he'll throw his wad of chew at you. He refers to himself in the third person as his self-established alter ego "Plush." And he delivers walk-off hits without knowing it.

    I'm not even sure if he's going to come to games in the right jersey or not.

    I think this loses in a battle against Pujols' strength of mind.


    I know I just went on about how Morgan's wacky side will hold him back, but the recent injury to Pujols' right hand is a much bigger hurdle to overcome.

    Pujols may not even fight if he feels that his hand isn't strong enough.

    It's going to be a huge factor in the match, and it will be a heavy burden for him to carry.

Potential Backup

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    As both fighters will be surrounded by teammates, they will both likely receive backup.

    This will be a crucial and deciding factor of the fight.

    Albert Pujols

    The most obvious teammate to come help the efforts of Albert Pujols is Matt Holliday.

    The first reason for this being because he is an inch taller than Pujols and five pounds heavier. This would give him equal or even greater strength than Pujols.

    If you've ever seen Holliday's arms, they resemble small trees and could certainly manhandle Nyjer Morgan if the opportunity arose.

    Chris Carpenter would be the next obvious teammate to come to Pujols' side.

    At 6'6", Carpenter makes Pujols look short and Morgan even shorter.

    Nyjer Morgan

    While Pujols enjoys the company of some large teammates, Morgan has no shortage of big buddies either.

    Prince Fielder is the first to come to mind.

    Weighing in at a whopping 275 lbs, and standing 5'11", Fielder has some weight to throw around.

    Although he is known for crushing balls with pure upper body power, he would be counteractive to Morgan's speed and could potentially be a burden.

    Corey Hart is a tower, standing at 6'6" and 235 lbs and could be a valuable asset if he felt like sticking up for the spark plug Morgan.


    I'm sorry, but Matt Holliday is tough as nails and if he were to team up with Albert Pujols, there might not be a tandem in the MLB who could take them on.


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    Nyjer Morgan is too crazy for Pujols to handle.

    My guess is he'll probably catch Pujols off guard and land a few more good ones before Pujols is able to react.

    If Pujols is able to react, his newly healed hand probably wouldn't facilitate a fight very well and would diminish his power very significantly.

    Unless Matt Holliday gets tagged in, and Fielder doesn't show up to support Morgan, I'm saying this one ends with a Nyjer Morgan first-round TKO.