Tennessee Titans' Quest for Perfection Will Be Stopped Two Games Short

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 21, 2008

When you read this title, don't start freaking out. I'm not saying the Titans have ended their season, and that they are 14-2, but if you read my first article, that is what I think will happen. 

The Titans, the league's last unbeaten, will win their next four before losing their final two. Their schedule says it all:

Jets, 7-3 (This is there only losable game of their next four, but I still think this is win No. 11 for Jeff Fisher's crew. Even an OT win over the Pats, which they nearly lost, barely cancels out their horrible loss to the Raiders. Think about it, the Jets lost to the Raiders, they're not winning this one. I could go on listing more reasons, such as their fourth worst pass D, but that list would go on way too far.) 

At Detroit, 0-10

Cleveland, 4-6

At Houston, 3-7

All four of those are extremely winnable, but after that:

Pit, 8-3

At Ind, 6-4.

A loss to the Steelers is almost inevitable. The Steel Curtain ranks first in the league, therefore, ahead of the Titans in all four major defensive categories, except for points allowed, which the Titans are first, and the Steelers are second.

This means that the Steelers will force the Titans to win through offense, something their 20th rank in yards, and 25th passing yards, won't be able to do.