LSU Fans Are in the Spotlight in the Magnolia Bowl

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

When LSU and Ole Miss kick off tomorrow at 2:30 PM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it will be the first time the matchup will be known as the Magnolia Bowl. You can read more about this by clicking here.

Although both teams are not going to be playing in the SEC championship, Ole Miss is a program that is rebuilding, and the Rebels have a lot to play for. Coach Houston Nutt, in his first year at Ole Miss, is 6-4 and is the only team to knock off the Florida Gators this year.

The fans in Oxford, Mississippi are more than happy because between 2004 and 2007 the Rebels only won a total of 14 games. Ole Miss fans are thankful to be 6-4 and bowl eligible.

On the other hand, LSU is 7-3 and ranked No. 18 in the country, and if you listen to Tiger fans, the program is in trouble. The fans in Baton Rouge are booing a redshirt freshman who on paper looks to be just as good as Ole Miss’s QB Jevan Snead.

Jevan Snead

Jarrett Lee

Coach Les Miles is doing the best he has with what he's got, and there is no reason why fans should be booing this team and/or giving up on them. Last year the Florida Gators lost four games after winning the National Championship the previous year. By the way, Florida lost four games with a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback.

So tomorrow, the spotlight is on the LSU fans. For those of you going to the game, will you give up on the team before halftime? Do you plan on booing Jarrett Lee? How will you make Tiger nation look on national television?

The game will play itself out, and to be honest with you, it can go either way, but how will you respond? I understand you pay for your tickets and you can do whatever you want, but before you buy them, you should be aware of the product you are buying.

If you can’t appreciate College Football and the fact that you actually get to go to an LSU game, then it is time to evaluate your purchase. There are many people in line who want to buy season tickets. Don’t renew your tickets if you don’t plan on supporting the Tigers through thick and thin.

Tomorrow you have a chance to redeem the image given to the LSU fanbase this year. Show the nation LSU fans can be classy. Most schools would love to have the program LSU has built, and as a fan, you should appreciate it as well.

The pressure is on the LSU fanbase—let’s see how they respond.

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