United Football League: Ranking the Best Head Coach/Quarterback Combinations

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United Football League: Ranking the Best Head Coach/Quarterback Combinations

I’ve always believed that if the same two teams played against each other ten times, nine of those times the team with the best head coach/quarterback combination will win the game. Those two minds will provide much of the critical thinking that is necessary to win a lot of games in professional football.

We know that the game is played between the white lines, but it’s also played between the ears. The eight seconds that it takes to run your average football play is setup by countless hours of film study and game plan preparation. That is why we give more credit for success to those who put in the time before the game.

I’m not trying to discredit the defense, they play a critical role as well. Every defense has a captain that is lining their players up just like the quarterback lines up the offense. The difference is that on different teams, you’re not sure who’s doing the aligning. It may be the middle linebacker, a safety, or the roles can be split between multiple players on that side of the ball.

But on offense, it’s the quarterback. He walks upright to look across the field and try to figure out what the defense is doing. He’s changing plays and he is an important part in executing the gameplan that the head coach took all week to conjure up.

In the United Football League, there are many years of experience within the starting quarterbacks and even more in the head coaches.

Some argue that the best teachers of the game are in the UFL, and if that’s true, than it is no wonder the league has sent more than 70 players to the NFL in the past three seasons. From Dennis Green to Marty Schottenheimer, their names ring a bell to most modern football fan across the nation.

Under center, the UFL boasts a cast of quarterbacks of all different types. Heisman trophy winners to UFL Championship MVPs.  Season veterans to journeymen quarterbacks. There is no shortage of talent in the league’s signal callers.

So which team has the best combination of quarterback and head coach?

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