Cristiano Ronaldo Still on Top?

Victor GracaContributor INovember 21, 2008

With all the talk surrounding the upcoming Ballon d' Or event now on the 2nd of December—and with special emphasis on Cristiano Ronaldo, and his closest rival for the coveted prize Lionel Messi—one has to stop and wonder.

The criteria that gave Kaka the prize last season seems to have changed all of a sudden. Kaka won the award largely based on his accomplishments in the Champions League for the 2006-07 season, as Milan's domestic season was left as something to be forgotten.

Messi had a worse than average season compared to his usual standards. This was largely due to injuries. He continues to excite on the pitch with all the Maradonian flair that the small Argentinian brings to the game. But one has to look at accomplishments rather than special moments.

He may become the best player that the world has ever seen, but until then let's give credit where credit is due.

No one needs to give Cristiano Ronaldo an introduction as far as his accomplishments are concerned, we all know what he has done for the world of football, and for the imagination of millions of kids that now see football as their field of dreams.

Love him or hate him, just remember to give recognition where recognition is due. Kaka has already done exactly this, and so has Messi. They share first prize for honesty and common sense.

May the best man win..