Tramon Williams Injury: Why Clay Matthews Makes Replacement CB's Job Easy

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Tramon Williams Injury: Why Clay Matthews Makes Replacement CB's Job Easy
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Green Bay Packers' Pass Rusher Clay Matthews Will Give the Secondary Plenty of Time to Reload

In light of Tramon Williams' injury, it's a safe bet that the backup DBs must be prepared for the near future.

Not that there's any specifics on the injury, but from watching it happen, it appears to be pretty significant.

So it's obvious that the replacement DBs need to come in and perform if the Packers want to defend their Super Bowl title.

Well, allow LB Clay Matthews to take his game to another level, as the backup DBs will need his help.

Last season Clay was the 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and although it will be tough to have an encore performance, if there's anyone capable of doing it, it's him.

For one, 2010 was only his second year in the NFL, and he actually had almost as good a season his rookie year as he did last year.

Now although Clay has quickly emerged as arguably the NFL's best pass rusher, that also comes with the fact that offenses will be trying to double-team him on every play.

That being said, Packers' defensive coordinator Dom Capers needs to keep him blitzing, but continuously through multiple gaps.

And for as great a player as Clay is, there's only one Derrick Thomas, so getting to the QB by mixing up the stunts up front will be crucial.

In addition though, that will only help the replacement DBs filling in for Tramon Williams, assuming that his injury is rather significant.

Clay will need to get even more pressure on the QB, because, as we saw last night, right when Williams went out and Jarrett Bush went in, Saints' QB Drew Brees attacked Bush on his first play, and it almost was a TD.

That's something that Bush or whoever, will be dealing with when in the game, because the new guy always gets picked on.

Now, as we've been discussing, that only adds more responsibility on Matthews, and rightfully so, because you can't expect a new guy to come in and dominate from the get-go.

Clay getting even more QB pressure is the key to the Packers' D not missing a beat, because with any new DBs in coverage, they need time to get acclimated to the speed of the regular season.

And he will get pressure because he's Clay Matthews.

Offenses may be able to slow him down, but it's actually in his blood to rush the QB.

Therefore, don't expect Green Bay to slow down at all if Williams ends up being out, because, in addition to Clay, Dom Capers' front seven will more than makeup for it.

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