College FB Playoffs: Georgia Legislature an Embarrassment to America

Oscar PSenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2008

Yesterday, the Georgia House, the legislative branch of the state of Georgia, voted 151-9 in favor of a resolution in favor of the NCAA to create a college playoff for FBS college football, formerly known as Division I-A.

What an embarrassment.

In what some are calling the most relevant political year since 1968...

In a year in which the state of Georgia is in the midst of a drought of biblical proportions...

In a year in which the country is at war, the housing market is crashing, recession looms around every corner, and the first election since the 20s taking place in which a former President or Vice President is not running for the most prestigious, powerful position in the world...

The Georgia House has struck upon the most important issue of our times.

Yes, a college football playoff.

It is all nice and fun arguing the logistics of a college football playoff when you do so as a fan, as a coach, as a player, even as a athletic director. Much like beating a dead horse.

Those are parties, however, who we except to make arguments for and against a playoff. Those are parties who logistically should even be making those arguments.

Undoubtedly, many members of the Georgia House, like many members of politics in general, are huge college football fans. I can't blame them. It's a great sport.

But perhaps they should reevaluate why they were elected to their positions.

Much like Michael Adams, President of UGA, before them, these members of the Georgia House are an embarrassment.

Instead of taking the brief time the House is in session to discuss relevant issues that they can do something about, such as water management or traffic congestion, they have chosen to waste time and taxpayer money on a vote for a resolution of a college football playoff.

Do they honestly believe this action is going to do anything?

The NCAA already knows people don't like the BCS.

News flash. They don't care.

If the President came out tomorrow against the BCS, do you honestly think that the NCAA will do anything?

Politicians sometimes get too full of themselves. They believe because they are in office their voices are more important than the voices of others. Yes, they have a grander stage to make a point, as evidenced even by this action, but perhaps they should use this stage to fight for things that they can have a direct impact upon.

A college football playoff is not one of those things.

So, in conclusion, to Michael Adams, your job as the President of UGA is not to whine about a playoff so you can appeal to alumni who you have alienated time and time again. Your job as President of UGA is to ensure the education of the students of the University. It is to make sure good research gets done. It is to make sure the University stays financially stable.

To the Georgia House, how about we make some positive strides in traffic congestion and water management? Perhaps try to figure out why you and your bonehead predecessors thought it wise to build a stadium a decade ago and not expand rail service to within three miles of it. Try that if you want to dabble in sports.

At least that has something to do with something you can control and make positive changes to.