The 13th Man

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The 13th Man
I know we are in the midst of the biggest week of the season (traditioanlly speaking) but I had a few basketball tips clogging my inbox and I wanted to get them out the door.

Last Man Standing: This one if for you basketball fans out there. Head over to Club Trillion, and check our Mark Titus, the 13th man on the OSU basketball team, and his musings and benign self-promotion. You have to wonder if Thad knows about this. In case you are wondering, achieving a "trillion" means you only play one minute of the game and have no other stats, so the box score reads 1000000000000 or one trillion. It is worth checking out.

Oh yeah, and he is very unselfish:

OSU on BTN: Here is a list of the upcoming (and some recently past) Ohio State oriented programming on the Big Ten Network this week and weekend.

BTN on the Web: I received this notice from the BTN recently and I thought I would pass it along in its entirety rather than try to paraphrase. Enjoy.

We’re aware that there has been some confusion regarding our streaming of men’s basketball games this year, and so we wanted to help clarify. Unlike in football, the network does not have access to “overflow channels” for basketball, and so cannot air multiple games in the same window. In this somewhat transitional year, the network made the decision to stream all men’s exhibition games (which, in many cases, had not been televised in recent years anyway) and also stream some non-conference games where there are conflicts with other men’s basketball games. Streaming of exhibition and non-conference games has become common among all major conferences, and every Big Ten team will have streamed games. The games that are being streamed also have been offered to cable operators to produce and televise in local markets, although most have chosen not to do so.

Also, we want to apologize for some technical difficulties during some games. During a handful of games thus far, we’ve run into some unexpected networking issues that we are working hard to resolve. Our goal is to provide all fans who have a high-speed internet connection with a quality viewing experience, and we apologize that some of our games to date have fallen short of that goal. Rest assured that we are working hand-in-hand with each school’s IT department to stabilize our network connection from each basketball venue.

Next year, we plan to significantly upgrade the quality of our streamed events while also adding hundreds of additional events that previously would not have been televised.

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