Big Nasty's SmackDown Preview

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistSeptember 8, 2011

With WWE Night of Champions around the corner, each show has become increasingly important, and this Friday's SmackDown is no exception.

Big Nasty and B/R video run down key aspects of this Friday's show to get you set for what should be an integral part of the build-up toward Night of Champions. 

Will a match between Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson be as bad as it sounds? How has Sin Cara's heel turn progressed since we last saw him kick Daniel Bryan in the head? What stipulation will help the build toward the Showdown between Mark Henry and Randy Orton at Night of Champions? World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will figure to be busy on this Friday's show, but which champion will he face this time? And where does Christian fit into all of this?

We hit the sweet spot on all these topics and more with a very Nasty B/R video preview of this Friday's SmackDown.

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