Cleveland Indians: Chris Perez and the 10 Best Indian Twitter Accounts

Geordy BoverouxCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2011

Cleveland Indians: Chris Perez and the 10 Best Indian Twitter Accounts

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    While many teams try to discourage their players from making a large mark on social networking, the Indians are quite the opposite.

    They strongly encourage their players to join Twitter, with many front office executives even joining the site.

    The result is many players and farmhands using the site regularly, but who is the best?

    Almost every player on the 25-man roster regularly uses the social networking site, so there are plenty of players to choose from.

Honorable Mention: Adam Miller (@thafinger28)

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    Adam Miller doesn't have the greatest Twitter account.

    He tweets pretty regularly, but his tweets aren't usually very funny or insightful.

    Miller gets bonus points for replying to fans, but you don't get much insight into the life of a professional baseball player if you're following him. Miller will tweet the occasional "Game time!" tweet or mention what show he's watching, but overall his timeline is not particularly exciting.

    Despite this, I couldn't keep Miller off this list just because of his Twitter handle.

    In case you don't know who Miller is, he was the Indian's top prospect for what seemed like half a decade as he struggled with injuries during his rise through the minors. He always pitched dominantly at every level but couldn't stay healthy.

    The biggest blow was multiple surgeries on the middle finger of his pitching hand. Once the future ace of the club, Miller might never make his debut.

    Luckily he's back at Double-A Akron, pitching out of the bullpen despite the finger issues. Miller has now looked on his past in a satirical way, naming his Twitter handle after the appendix that almost cost him his career. His picture is even him showing off that tricky middle finger (don't worry, he isn't flipping you off).

10. Thomas Neal (@TdaddyNeal)

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    Thomas Neal is one of the newest members to the Indians' organization, as the outfielder was acquired from the San Francisco Giants for Orlando Cabrera.

    Currently at Triple-A Columbus, Neal finds plenty of time to inform his 6,564 followers about the daily happenings of his life.

    Whether it be how far he is in the Showtime series Dexter, or random thoughts from batting practice, Neal always has something to say.

    Usually if Neal isn't on the field, he's on his phone with the Twitter app open, so you have a pretty good shot at getting a reply from the future big league outfielder.

9. Jason Kipnis (@TheJK_Kid)

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    For one of the young kids on the team, Jason Kipnis sure has the swagger of a veteran.

    Win or lose, Kipnis always has something motivating to say about his team, and his enthusiasm is contagious if you just follow him, let alone being in the clubhouse with him every day.

    Kipnis has over 12,000 follows on Twitter and will only gain more as his notoriety rises on a national scale with his gutsy play.

    The young second baseman also loves the retweet button. If you tweet something motivational or funny at him, your tweet has a pretty good shot at popping up on the timeline of his followers.

    Kipnis always sees things on the bright side, and with lots of fan interaction he's definitely a Tribe player you want to follow.

8. Joe Smith (@thethree8)

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    While Kipnis got praise for being so enthusiastic about the team, Joe Smith makes this list almost solely for that.

    Smith has something good to say after almost every game, win or lose.

    His fan interaction is also solid. He'll ask his 6,675 followers for opinions on movies or just tell them about his day.

    Smith isn't the funniest or most entertaining Twitter around, but his great team-first mentality and enthusiasm for the game are contagious.  

7. Manny Acta (@Mactriber_11)

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    Usually managers are not very outgoing in public. They just go about their business quietly and let the on-field results do the talking. Occasionally you get a Lou Piniella or Ozzie Guillen in the dugout who can be loud and controversial.

    Then there's Manny Acta.

    Acta doesn't regularly get ejected from games, but he's never one to shy away from the media. His Twitter feed is very much the same.

    Acta will regularly give you a tweet on his thoughts of the most recent game, and he won't sugarcoat it either. After big wins he'll tweet his followers a picture of the cigar he's smoking to celebrate the victory.

    The Tribe's manager has a great sense of humor and even does the occasional tweet in his native tongue of Spanish for the Hispanic community.

    For a man in a position that is usually quiet, Acta is one of the best managers to follow on Twitter.

6. Vinnie Pestano (@VinnieP52)

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    Vinnie Pestano is arguably one of the funniest Indians on Twitter and has easily one of my favorite tweets of the year.

    Still with so many great Tribe players on Twitter, he only comes in at No. 6.

    While Chris Perez started the "song of the day" trend, Pestano started a "movie quote of the day" of his own. Daily you can find a random quote from any movie, which is impressive for Pestano to remember enough of them.

    Pestano also once turned a Twitter army on a hotel that screwed up a reservation for his grandmother before she had surgery. After sending angry tweets of his own, he told his followers not to book rooms there, and his followers ended up sending angry tweets themselves. The outcome was the owner of the hotel tweeting Pestano, trying to sort out the issue.

    Despite the hilarity and bonus points for starting his own trend, Pestano doesn't have as much interaction with his followers as other players, which keeps him out of the top five.

5. Mark Shapiro (@MarkShapiro)

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    I applauded Manny Acta for being a loud voice in the social networking community when most others in his position would be quiet.

    Mark Shapiro surprises me even more.

    Many would not expect to hear from the long-time front office member. As the president of the club, Shapiro constantly updates his 12,000-plus followers on what is going on behind closed doors.

    He wasn't quiet about the team's intentions to be big buyers at the trade deadline and even apologizes to fans when the Indians have a rough series.

    Shapiro's tweets won't make you laugh and he won't tweet back at you too much, but it's a breath of fresh air to hear no BS from a front office member.

4. LeVon Washington (@L_Wash)

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    One of the Indians' top prospects, LeVon Washington is probably the most entertaining Indian on Twitter.

    He's cocky on his feed, often referring to himself in the third person as "Wash God," but at least he's funny about it.

    As he gets closer to the big leagues, Washington might need to tone it down on Twitter a bit as to not get a negative image. But since he only has 506 followers, he basically says whatever he wants.

    If you're looking for a quick laugh, I highly suggest looking through the young outfielder's timeline.

3. Trevor Crowe (@tcrowe4)

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    Finally back with the team after shoulder surgery, Trevor Crowe may have also had a thumb sprain or two with all the tweeting he did during the season.

    While rehabbing, Crowe was always tweeting as if he was with the team.  He'd make comments during the game as if he was watching it with you, an experience you can't get with many other athletes.

    Now that he's healthy again, his 8,300-plus followers won't hear from him as much since he'll be back on the field.

    Still, you can expect to see plenty of enthusiasm and positive attitude from the former first-round pick, as he's one of the best Indians on Twitter.

2. Chris Perez (@ChrisPerez54)

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    Former beat writer for the Indians Anthony Castrovince once posted a blog entitled "A Day in the Life" chronicling a day as a baseball beat writer, in this case a double header.

    It was posted July 17 of last year, and one part always jumps out at me.

    For perspective, this was the same day that then closer Kerry Wood went on the DL, also soon after David Huff lost his starting spot because he announced it on Twitter before the team did.

    But I do find Chris Perez, who had not been told Wood is on the DL and therefore didn’t know he’s now the team’s closer. I tell Perez that if he got on Twitter, he’d know this kind of thing. But we both acknowledged that being on Twitter didn’t do David Huff much good yesterday.

    Fast forward to present day, and Perez is one of the most active Indians on Twitter.

    Perez started a trend that even Acta and local beat writers picked up on entitled "Song of the Day."

    As the season has worn on, Perez has slowed his Twitter use but still posts his song of the day on most days and will respond to fans on a semi-regular basis.

1. Pure Rage Perez (@PureRage_Perez)

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    No, this is not Chris Perez again. This is Pure Rage Perez.

    Using Perez's nickname "Pure Rage," this mock Twitter account is by far the most entertaining in the Indians' community.

    The owner of the account has done an interview with Castrovince along with the real Perez and has even regularly talked with Perez on Twitter.

    Pure Rage has spent a few games in the Social Suite of Progressive Field, where he can regularly tweet about his grape Gatorade intake and triple-digit heat.

    I could keep talking about Pure Rage, but only his timeline can do it justice. The fact that this account only has 1,766 followers is an injustice to social networking.