Aaron Ross: Future of the New York Giants

CabbageContributor IFebruary 2, 2008

The first pick the Giants had in last year's draft was the rookie safety Aaron Ross. 

I thought this was a smart decision, because the Giants secondary had some trouble in the zones and not much speed.

Because of these two weaknesses, Aaron Ross was the perfect pick.

Aaron Ross is a great player with plenty of speed. This gives him a good ability to stay with the quicker receiver throughout the entire rout. This would mean that less zone coverage would be needed because you wouldn't need an extra man covering zones at the end of the rout. Usually, the safety would be beaten and the Giants weak zones would fail to stop the receiver.

Also, speed is helpful for any position in any situation. If you can outrun your receiver, than you will be pretty successful in your game.

Another way that Aaron Ross helps the Giants secondary is that he is good at zone coverage. As I have said before, the Giants have very weak zones. The extra skill can be very useful in situations when zones must be used.

A third reason that Aaron Ross has the ability to both cover receivers and cover the zones. He is very versatile like this and it is great to have somebody who can not only stay on a receiver from start of the play to finish, but it is also good to have someone with the ability to drop back and play the zones. The Giants have both of these traits in Aaron Ross.

My fourth and final reason of why Aaron Ross could be a future star is because he is young and talented and we all know that this is the best possible thing to be if you are a rookie.

now you must see that Aaron Ross has the potential to be a great player in the future. Maybe, he will even be a big part of Super Bowl XLII.