When Life Interferes with Texas Tech vs Oklahoma

Bryan FordCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

Being a sports fan it is important to schedule your life AROUND the important various sporting events occurring throughout the year. I've been pretty successful at this for the most part. My wedding was on August 21. A date before the MLB playoffs and before football gets fully started.

Of course nowadays if you are forced to be gone for an important game, you can usually DVR it and watch it later. You just have to be careful to stay away from the results before you get to watch it. That in itself can be difficult in our high tech non stop world.

Being a Texas Tech fan, I've done a good job making sure nothing got in the way of me watching the most important games this year. Against Kansas, Texas and then Oklahoma State I was right there in front of my television enjoying the scenery as the Red Raiders took care of business, rocketing themselves up to the number two position in the BCS standings.

Well, now another huge, most important game ever is here. Of course I'll be right in front of my tele getting ready to nervously watch every second! No, something has come  up that is going to keep me out of our house. Something big. Still, I'll be able to DVR it and watch it a bit late. Incorrect!

You see, about a year ago the in-laws came up with a great idea. How about the family goes to Walt Disney World in Orlando for the week of Thanksgiving! The kids are out of school, my wife and I are both teachers so we are already off, and the crowds are supposed to be a bit smaller than other times of the year.

And to top it off, Nana and Pop are going to pay for a lot of it! Truthfully that is a great idea. I just failed to think about what might be happening in my sports world at that moment.

Now the truth is, all is not lost. We are leaving Saturday morning around six a.m. to get a big start on the drive from Houston to Orlando. We are going to stop somewhere Saturday night to rest before we make it all the way there early Sunday.

Now I just have to make sure we are stopped and settled by 6 p.m. EST. I have to see the game! There is no way I can stay away from the results for a whole week, and truthfully I wouldn't want to. Win or lose, I need to watch my favorite red and black team battle it out for the Big 12 title.

I'm not complaining about the trip. I have kids age 10 and four and they are going to have a great time. Plus the price is going to be very right. But I have to see this game. Luckily my father-in-law is a huge sports fan. Two of his children went to Texas Tech so he enjoys watching them play knowing that he probably helped fund part of the stadium or uniforms or footballs that are used for practice.

So the plan is to find a hotel room in time. Get checked into the two rooms and get ready for the game. That's the plan. Still I worry. What if we have car trouble. What if we time things wrong and aren't close to a hotel at the start of the game? What if the local ABC affiliate is showing old SEC games instead? There are plenty of things that could go wrong.

That is why I need your help. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I believe in Texas Tech and think they can win this game. If I miss it somehow I'll be devastated. So please football gods and anyone else that can help me. Get me to the Holiday Inn Express on time.

Oh yeah. I could use some help for the game the next weekend against Baylor. But I might be getting ahead of myself there.

Texas Tech 42 - Oklahoma  35