Phil Savage Puts Icing on the Cake for the Browns' Season

Nate PowersCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

The 2008-2009 Browns season has seen its ups and downs.  Pretty much downs.

Even when Cleveland manages to siege a victory on Monday Night (again), something stops the celebration. This time it wasn't Kellen Winslow or Braylon Edwards, it was the GM.

Phil Savage has been the most successful GM since the Browns have returned, but this doesn't say much when you throw Butch Davis and Chris Palmer in the mix.

Earlier this week, Savage received an email from a beleaguer fan known only as Brett, because he wanted to stay anonymous. Brett has supposedly been a Browns fan his entire life, but ironically, he lives in Pittsburgh. (What kind of true Browns fan can live with Steelers fans.)

What kind of GM reads emails from fans, especially from Pittsburgh, and during a Monday night game, where the Browns were on the verge of losing their third straight game after leading by 13 points.

Luckily, the other Phil (Dawson) was able to save the Brownies.

Savage responded to the email with some explicit language that went a little like, and I quote, "F*** You!"

Some believe that Savage's Blackberry was stolen by someone that typed the message to the fan.

I believe Savage responded the way he did because he cares about this team, and he cares about his job and his friends job Romeo Crennel.

By this email Savage shows that he has a passion for the game and for his team.   That's what the Browns have been missing ever since returning to the NFL in 1999.

Randy Lerner should not fire Savage over this. Roger Goodell should not fine Savage, because last time I checked, Goodell just reinstated "Pacman" Jones and he still has the "cokehead" Matt Jones still in the league.

If Savage loses his job it is going to be because of his front office moves and his inability to bring in big names from college and free agency. Not because he said a word that everyone wants to yell when they deal with the media and fans who have no clue about the stress that is involved with Savage's job.