Peyton Manning: Could Indianapolis Colts QB Be Forced To Retire?

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2011

Peyton Can't be Happy!
Peyton Can't be Happy!Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Now that we know that Peyton Manning had cervical fusion surgery this morning, it is time to quit kidding ourselves. He is NOT coming back this year, and it is highly likely he will be forced by his physicians to RETIRE.

Football is a violent game and with two vertebrae fused together, the risk of serious injury to adjoining discs and nerves is too much. It is hard to believe but one of the best QB's of our lifetime may be done. They are attempting to put a spin on this as two to three months recovery. Don't believe it.

All of the motions necessary to play quarterback will prohibit a return this year. There is too much risk. This is the type of injury that does not allow for anything but a 100 percent recovery PRIOR to returning. Then he has to get in shape and football ready. Forget this season and MAYBE more. 

It is so difficult to accept the news but it also seems wrong to hold out hope for a return this year. Kerry Collins may be the guy more than we knew just yesterday. Things can change quickly in the NFL but who would have guessed this? We may have witnessed the end of an era but we also may have witnessed one of the best QB's EVER!