Credit Markets Seize Up ?...Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

mpeskyContributor INovember 21, 2008

Just what is going on?

 The New York Times : " Stocks Drop Sharply And Credit Markets Seize Up...As a new bout of fear gripped the financial markets, (what happened to the old bout ?) stocks fell sharply again on Thursday, continuing (see...I was correct, it is still here...) a months-long plunge that has wiped out the gains of the last decade..."

Enough of this hog wash...The credit market is alive and well.

I will use my Double Gold, Cash Back, Fur Lined, I Am The King Of The World, "Fiasco Card"...(even spell check doesn't now if that is correct..sorry computer)...I'll get me a new one and throw this one out.

My math is still good, $799.00 for two. That is not even a mortgage payment.

Who cares that my furniture will be on the sidewalk when I get back.

Uncle Sam will help me out. Won't he? He still owns that real big store down the street that says "always."

Never mind. I'll just use my Fiasco card one more time. You can't beat cash back.

Anybody know what maxed out means?

 My Uncle doesn't, just look at all he can do.

After all this is football we are talking about.

Maybe "The Times" thinks that there are a few things that are more important than football. Poor misguided people in New York City...That is what Hank Jr thinks too.