Steven Gerrard: Kop Captain or Kop Out?

..... .....Correspondent INovember 21, 2008

Somewhere deep in the dungeon that is the Emirates Stadium, Arsene Wenger is having a crisis meeting with his players (and his conscious) as to who the next leader of men will be to take over the role of captain.

Cesc Fabregas would be a fantastic captain, but in a few years time. Burdening him with such a huge weight could severely affect his growth from wonderkid to worldclass in the long run.

Kolo Toure isn't even in the team at the moment and once Sol Campbell left, so did Toure's presence as a complete defender, as his foil was gone.

Who else is there to lead by example? William Gallas should not have been appointed in the first place, given his rant about the players this week. Gallas is as egotistical as a player comes, and in my humble opinion one of the most overrated defenders that I've had the pleasure of watching.

A terrible role model for the game with his incessant outbursts, bouts of unprofessionalism on and off the pitch and also a defender taking hold of the No. 10 shirt left vacant by Dennis Bergkamp? As Andy Millman would say "Is he having a laugh?"

This brings me to my original point, something which I have thought long and hard about ever since the whole Chelsea debacle. Steven Gerrard, the current Liverpool captain, isn't really that good a captain when you think about it.

Ready to give up the No. 8 shirt of his "beloved" team supported since a lad for the riches of the Chelsea renegades in search of a Premier League or two. Believe that, and you'll believe that the Chuckle Brothers are in fact father and son, rather than sharing bunk beds.

Jamie Carragher and Javier Mascherano are two players who should be ahead of Gerrard in the pecking order for captain. In Carragher we have someone who will die for the team without even blinking an eye, ditto Mascherano.

Carragher will scream and shout all match, it doesn't matter who the opposition is, and make sure the players get their jobs done. Mascherano is very vocal and his grasp on the English language is getting to the point now where he could easily command the team as much as he commands the respect of every single fan in the crowd.

Gerrard is a fantastic player, probably the best player we have but captain he is not. Games pass him by, and let's be honest, the only reason he was given the captaincy was to massage his ever growing ego.

Gerrard doesn't give as much to the role as Carra or El Jefecito would. We are fortunate to have a team full of captains—Sami Hyypia, Torres was captain at Atletico, Carra is vice-captain, Masch is now Argentina captain, and there are others who will grow into the role too. Agger and Skrtel will surely captain Denmark and Slovakia respectively one day.

The thing about this whole situation is that Gerrard will not step down as captain, and changing captains sends out too big a message to the squad I feel, and wouldn't benefit anyone so it looks as though we are stuck with the miserable, frowning Huytonite.

Carragher should definitely be the one who is captain, but long term, Mascherano is definitely the number one candidate, just edging out Torres and Agger/Skrtel.

The Chelsea saga may be over but the doubt still hangs in my mind about Gerrard's approach to the side he loves so much. I just want what is best for the team. Someone who can organize the side from goalkeeper to forwards.

Gerrard just isn't that man.

Step up JC, and be the voice of the team.