Don't Worry Al Harrington, You're Going Home Too

Garlic boyCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

It's being reported that Al Harrington is going to be traded to the Knicks.  Al is being traded to the Knicks for either Jamal Crawford or Malik Rose.  Malik Rose is an expiring contract, while Jamal Crawford has a three year $30 million dollar contract.  There may also be other players involved such as Marco Belinelli, Marcus Williams, etc.  There are positives and negatives to both trade scenarios. 

1. Malik Rose = undersized PF with expiring contract = youngsters play.

2. Jamal Crawford = Three year $30million = youngsters don’t play and Monta possibly on his way out.  But Crawford can be REALLY good in Nellie's style.  Think Larry Hughes but more consistent.

In regards to talent, no doubt I take Jamal Crawford.  Guy gets 20/2/4.  If we get Jamal Crawford there is no doubt that somebody has to go when Monta comes back, if not somebody will request a trade. 

With Malik Rose and his expiring contract, it leaves us with $10 million in cap space.  With this money we can pursue a mid-level free agent Power Forward at the end of the year such as Paul Millsap, Leon Powe, Brandon Bass and "Godzilla" look-a-like Chris Wilcox. 

If we had more money left I would say pursue Carlos Boozer, but many teams will be after the big guy this summer.  I'd be ecstatic if we're able to snag Millsap.  However, a lot of things can happen in eight months, who knows who will have the cap space and what else will happen to our team. 

Can't comment too much on this trade, because I'm not sure who else is involved. 

Things are getting interesting indeed.