Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 10 Things Money May Must Do to Win

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 10 Things Money May Must Do to Win

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    Floyd Mayweather is a genius boxer; he epitomizes the sweet science. Floyd has some of the most flawless technique, and is one of the best defensive fighters of all time. He has put together many masterful performances, and looks to do the same against Victor Ortiz.

    After 41 wins, there are no secrets in what Mayweather has to do to win this fight.

    Hopefully this will be Floyd's last fight before he finally faces pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao.

Leave Legal Troubles Outside the Ring

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    Floyd Mayweather hasn't been busy in the ring lately at all; he hasn't had a fight in over six months.

    He's been in the news a lot though—unfortunately, for all of the wrong reasons. From domestic abuse charges to assault on a security guard, Mayweather has been taking most of his fights to the courtroom.

    Boxing is a high-intensity sport that requires 100 percent of a fighter's focus. If a fighter's mind isn't in the ring, he is in for a bad performance.

    Floyd needs to put all of the issues in his life out of sight and out of mind when he fights Victor Ortiz. One lapse in focus or concentration could spell disaster for the undefeated superstar.

Get off First

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    The fighter who gets their punches off first usually wins the fight. Floyd needs to get his punches out faster than Ortiz if he wants to succeed.

    A hand-speed advantage doesn't necessarily mean that a fighter will get his punches off before his opponent. Mayweather needs to pick his shots quickly and be the first to land in exchanges.

Land Big with Lead Right Hands

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    Floyd Mayweather has one of the best lead right hands in all of boxing. He consistently uses that punch against all of his opponents and lands it with great accuracy.

    This is the perfect fight for him to use that punch often. Victor Ortiz is a southpaw; his defense will be very susceptible to right hands. Mayweather will have opportunities to go right through Victor's gloves. He needs to lands those shots to win the fight.

    The lead right is one of the two punches Floyd will have to use to win this fight: It's extremely important and cannot be ignored.


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    Floyd Mayweather's check-hook is the second. One of the most beautiful punches in all of boxing, it's a flawless counter-punch that he lands when opponents try to come forward or land left hands.

    When Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton, his check-hook landed the whole fight successfully. It thwarted Hatton's aggressive approach and ultimately knocked the Brit out.

    If Victor Ortiz is going to be successful, he has to land big left hands. Floyd needs to make sure that doesn't happen; the check-hook is his best way to stop it.


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    Floyd Mayweather is an extremely accurate puncher. He also has tremendous hand-speed.

    When Floyd punches, he doesn't usually throw combinations. He is so concerned about his defense that he doesn't leave any openings or chances for his opponent to hit him.

    Mayweather needs to stick to his usual style and hit Ortiz with single, accurate shots. If he is able to pick his punches one at a time, he won't leave many openings at all for Ortiz to land a significant punch.

Put Money in the Bank

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    Body shots are one of the most surefire ways to slow down an opponent and gain a significant advantage.

    Victor will be in the best condition of his life; this is likely the biggest fight that he will ever have a chance to be in. He won't take any short cuts and will be in prime physical condition.

    Floyd is usually good at mixing up head and body shots. He will need to stick to that to win against Victor Ortiz. Victor is relentless—the less energy that he has, the better chance that Mayweather will have to win.

Avoid a Slug-Fest -- Clinch

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    Fans don't want to hear this, but Floyd Mayweather will clinch a lot when he fights Ortiz. It has been a big part of his strategy his entire fight career.

    Floyd doesn't like exchanges. Exchanging punches includes variables, the main one being you can miss a punch and get tagged. Mayweather is a defensive genius, and will clinch to avoid any situations where he could put himself in any amount of trouble.

    I find clinching just as boring as everyone else, but when a fighter is 41-0 you can't really badmouth his strategy. It's legal, it works, it helps Floyd win.

Make Ortiz Chase

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    Floyd Mayweather is a masterful counter-puncher. Part of his tremendous skill in that art involves footwork and keeping his distance. He is good at slipping punches anywhere but particularly excels when he is at a distance.

    He is consistently looking to make opponents pay for trying to hit him—this usually happens when they have to reach. Shane Mosley overextended many times against Floyd, and got tagged a number of times for it.

    Victor Ortiz will be no different than any of Floyd's other opponents. He will reach, and get caught with precise counter shots.

Just Be Money

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    Floyd Mayweather said in an episode of HBO's 24/7 leading up to his fight that he doesn't watch and tape or analyze film. For most fighters this would be a bad idea, but for him it isn't.

    Besides Pacquiao, there is no boxer even in the same league with Mayweather in boxing ability. He's on such a high level that he's able to outclass everyone he fights.

    Mayweather doesn't need to game-plan; his style is just good enough to beat anyone he fights (operative words being "he fights"). If he goes out and boxes to his ability, Victor Ortiz will surely look like the underdog everyone thinks he is.

Fight for a Decision

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    Floyd Mayweather will not be trying to knock out VIctor Ortiz. He is far too worried about losing his impeccable record to take any chances.

    Ortiz is more of a power puncher, and Mayweather is a far superior technical boxer. Good fighters play to their strengths, and that is exactly what Floyd will do.

    Expect him to fight for the judges, and ultimately the decision.