Another Former Montreal Expo Wins a Cy Young Award!

joel kirsteinCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Kudos to Cleveland Indians' hurler Cliff Lee on his 2008 AL CY Young Award win. Lee put up stellar numbers in a great comeback season with a 22-3 Won/Loss record and a mean 2.54 ERA.

Few people know or even remember than Cliff Lee along with a couple of other minor leaguers names Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore were traded by the Montreal Expos to the Tribe in midseason 2002, for Bartolo Colon, who went on to win a combined 20 games that season, half with the Indians and half with the Expos.

Lee joins a long and distinguished list of former Expos hurlers who have won the coveted MLB best pitcher award:

1974 Mike Marshall      Los Angeles Dodgers     15–12     2.42
1995 Randy Johnson     Seattle Mariners           18–2     2.48
1997 Pedro Martínez     Montreal Expos             17–8     1.90
1999 Randy Johnson     Arizona Diamondbacks   17–9     2.49
1999 Pedro Martínez     Boston Red Sox             23–4     2.07
2000 Pedro Martínez     Boston Red Sox             18–6     1.74
2000 Randy Johnson     Arizona Diamondbacks    19–7     2.64
2001 Randy Johnson     Arizona Diamondbacks    21–6     2.49
2002 Randy Johnson     Arizona Diamondbacks    24–5     2.32
2005 Bartolo Colón      Los Angeles Angels          21–8     3.48
2008 Cliff Lee             Cleveland Indians            22-3     2.54

Five former Expo pitchers, 11 total Cy Young Awards, five or Randy Johnson, three for Pedro Martinez. Not too shabby! But I'm not bitter... Much!

As an aside, two Canadian-born pitchers whom I wished would have played for the Expos, but did not, HOFer Ferguson Jenkins and Eric Gagne, from Montreal each won Cy Young Awards: Fergie in 1971 and Gagne in 2003.