UFC 137: Nick Diaz, BJ Penn Both Without Opponent, Let Them Fight Each Other

Brian OswaldMMA Editor September 7, 2011

No, I am not high. Hear me out. 

Earlier today, at the UFC 137 press conference, Dana White announced that Nick Diaz was being pulled from the main event due to essentially going MIA - no one, not even Diaz's manager, knew where Diaz was. Apparently he snuck out the back door of Caesar Gracie's house and took off, but who the hell really knows. 

Assuming Diaz isn't hiding out in the same cave Osama Bin Laden was, he will eventually be found...or emerge on his own accord. There will be a good story explaining where he was and why he wasn't at the press conference. There has been talk that Diaz is suffering from anxiety and/or depression, which is no laughing matter. 

Dana stopped short of firing Diaz outright. Perhaps that is compassion. Perhaps he wanted to see how Diaz would react to getting kicked out of a title fight, and huge payday. Dana know Diaz is marketable, and still bankable...so perhaps its combination of his heart and head stopping short of giving Diaz his walking papers. 

So what do you do with Diaz from here? Obviously you dont put him in another main event/build a fight card around him. Perhaps you demote him to an undercard? Or stick him somewhere on the main card. 

BJ Penn needs a fight on the night of UFC 137. He was supposed to be fighting Condit. Perhaps they just complete the ole switcheroo and let Penn and Diaz fight on the night in question. That would be a hell of a fight wouldn't it? Somehow it would seem apropos wouldn't it? 

Somewhere Jon Fitch would be attempting to slit his wrist with a carrot (because he is always getting the shaft in regard to big fights now...and because he is a vegan).