Battle Of The Century...takes Place at The Survivor Series

Paul VincentContributor IFebruary 28, 2017

The saga of the Undertaker started here 18 years ago. The Survivor Series was The Undertaker's introduction to "The Big Show" and now the Big Show, literally, will try to slam the door, um casket, on The Undertaker in this dark rivalry. The Big Show is out for respect, as The Undertaker looks for revenge.

These two behemoths have been battling for years, but nothing like this. The Big Show and his realization that his best friends are his two soup bones he calls fists. The Big Show has aligned himself with Vicki Guerrero, in her attempt to rid the WWE of the legacy called The Undertaker.

The Undertaker is preparing to choke out the Big Show and gain revenge on something that has never been seen before....The Undertaker being knocked out cold, or as Smokey, from Friday said "You knocked the.... out man"!!! The Taker will take his fury and hail demons from below to unleash his true hatred of a spirit called The Big Show!! The Undertaker has never felt such fury and knowing that The Casket Match is his soul killer, The Undertaker will come out the victor at The Survivor Series.

The key is how many times will Vicki Guerrero stick her nose in the match. You see she has a habit of changing things around minutes before the bell. The Big Show has a slight edge, odds wise, with the Guerrero factor. The Undertaker has more to lose than The Big Show. He was 'punked" out on national television by The Show. He has been "Pearl Harbored" more times than he has dished out. If the Taker loses what about the whispers of age/retirement start to move a decibel higher with those rumors.

My prediction further.....The Taker wins! He has to deal with many Vicki Guerrero antics and even takes a Show right. The match will be a back and forth affair. I see The Big Show looking to land a clean right and throw the Taker into the casket for the victory, but The Taker uses his ring savy and experience to take everything The Big Show offers and still has enough hellfire to slam the casket door on The Big Show and finally gain his revenge!