The 20 Most Heinous Championship Trophies in the Sports Universe

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IISeptember 9, 2011

The 20 Most Heinous Championship Trophies in the Sports Universe

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    If a sport has a great championship trophy, it can become synonymous with the sport itself.

    These are not those trophies.

    This is a list of the worst the sports world has to offer as far as championship trophies are concerned.

    The list ranges from major sports leagues to obscure activities barely definable as sport.

UEFA Champions League Trophy

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    No wonder Europeans dig this thing; it looks like something out of Harry Potter.

    This trophy could be pretty cool if it didn't have those weird handles.

    A trophy isn't meant to be daintily held—it's meant to be hoisted.

    It looks more like a vase than it does the emblem of a championship.

Grey Cup

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    This is the Canadian Football League's championship trophy.

    You knew the Canadians were going to go with something close to the Stanley Cup, and I don't blame them.

    Usually I'm down with cups as trophies. They definitely have some old-school swag, plus being able to drink out of a trophy is an underrated bonus.

    In this case, however, it didn't work out. The result is pretty foul.

NBA Trophy (Larry O'Brien Trophy)

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    It looks like the NBA just jacked the idea for the Lombardi Trophy and made it gold.

    Mistake—it definitely does not look as sweet as the Lombardi, plus a basketball just doesn't look as good as a football does topping off the trophy.

    How could the NBA ever think switching from the Walter Brown Trophy to this thing would be a good idea anyway?

    A gnarly, ancient-looking cup or some cookie-cutter abomination.

    It looks like an Emmy or something.

    Supposedly it's designed to look like a basketball going into a looks more like a garbage can than it does a net.

    The NBA is also desperately trying to promote its trophy because it isn't recognized like the trophies of other major sports. That's definitely minus swag points.

The Masters Jacket and Trophy

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    Golf has it rough. Any time a sport can be played professionally by senior citizens, it's hard to seem very cool.

    The idea of a blazer as a trophy is pretty baller, but that green makes those wearing it look like a game-show host or maybe The Riddler.

    Either way, it's not a good look.

    When you combine the jacket with the trophy that comes with it, things get real ugly.

    The trophy is a replica of the clubhouse, which just ends up looking like a giant Monopoly piece.

    Not so swag.

    Golf is all about tradition, but as we see here, that clearly comes with a price.

AFC and NFC Championship Trophies

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    As awesome as the Lombardi Trophy is, that's how bad these trophies are.

    They're clunky and look like they belong on your grandma's shelf.

    Even the NFL thought they were ugly, as the redesigned version will debut this season.

Coca-Cola League 1 Championship

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    Shameless marketing aside, this hunk of metal is haggard.

    The artistic interpretation of a Coke bottle is laughable. Its recipients end up holding what looks like a pair of barbecue tongs.

LPGA Championship Trophy

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    I can't put my finger on exactly what I don't like about this trophy, but it doesn't really matter.

    It's weird-looking and seems like whoever designed it was caught between two different ideas.

    The cup part of it is too shallow and looks like an upside-down cake.

    The rest of it is relatively unremarkable.

WAC Championship Trophy

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    Just like the conference, this trophy is wack. knew that was coming.

    Another boring, dark theme with an incredibly lame box design.

Paris-Roubaix Cycling Championship

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    This is a cycling race that takes place in northern France.

    It was first run in 1896 and supposedly features a lot of cobbled road sections.

    That's all well and good, but having a rock as your championship trophy is just lame.

    Who wants to win a rock?

    I understand sometimes tradition is cool when it comes to trophies, but not in this case.

    This race sounds pretty hardcore as far as cycling goes; the roads are bumpy, and there might even be some mud involved. The winner deserves better than a brick mounted to a piece of wood.

NASCAR Sprint Championship Trophy

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    NASCAR was headed in the right direction trying to incorporate the checkered flag in the design, but somewhere something went terribly wrong.

    The flag isn't very recognizable aside from the checkers, plus the trophy ends up looking like one of those god-awful sculptures in front of some office building.

    Having NASCAR's sponsor Sprint written across the trophy doesn't make it seem any less trashy.

    Honestly, did anyone expect any less from stock car racing?

Formula 1 Trophy

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    I don't even know what to say about this thing. It's just ugly. 

    It looks like alien technology of some sort.

    I'm not feeling the silver and gold combo, and its design kind of looks like a trumpet.

ICC Trophy

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    This trophy is the given to the winner of the Cricket World Cup.

    It looks like the NBA trophy, but worse.

    The silver and gold combo is horrible again, and the design is lazy and bland.

All of the NCAA Trophies Aside from the BCS National Championship

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    C'mon, wood and some generic Little League-looking plaques?

    You can do better than that, NCAA; you make enough money off your athletes as it is.

    The fact that almost every NCAA trophy is in a style similar to this is even worse.

    What happened to each sport having its own unique trophy?

    There's no majesty in a trophy that has zero identity.

Junior World Rugby Championship Trophy

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    This is just weird.

    I'm seeing an egg-beater with a funny-looking rugby guy inside of it.

    Rugby is extremely bro, which is why it needs a much more raw-looking trophy.

Bassmaster Championship Trophy

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    Yup, you had to figure a fishing trophy would be somewhere on the list.

    A fish is a trophy already; when you combine it with standard trophy design, things get weird.

    It's laughable that a trophy awarded for fishing is so enormous.

    A huge wooden base is adorned by a globe with a fish on top of it.

    Nice try, but it is impossible to make fishing appear cool or heroic.

    Let the guy hold up the fish he caught and be done with it.

WNBA Trophy

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    The women's version is even worse than the men's.

    The design is painfully unoriginal, and the ball is held up by weird stilts.

    I know the WNBA gets ragged on enough, but I'm sorry, ladies—you need a trophy that's fresh.

Serie A Trophy

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    So we've got a symbol with a blue ribbon tied around it...

    One would think the Italians would have a cooler-looking trophy with some more grace to it.

    Wrong—this trophy is about as boring as it gets.

    Someone should adapt that thing to be used as a funnel, or maybe a lamp shade...emblem of victory it is not.


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    If the UEFA Cup was ugly, this one is an eyesore.

    The MLS pilfered the design from Europe and executed its version in truly American fashion. The result is obnoxious, confused and brash.

    I don't know why the MLS would choose to include its ugly logo on the trophy either; it isn't helping out.

    I don't pretend to be a fan of soccer, but at times it can be "the beautiful game."

    The sport deserves a beautiful trophy.

MLL Trophy

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    I love lacrosse. I've played most of my life.

    Regardless, the Major League Lacrosse trophy is horrendous.

    A league having its logo on the trophy is never a good idea.

    It ends up looking corny and cheap.

    If the league's emblem is included, it should at least be modified to go with the style of the trophy.

    I know it's supposed to look like a lacrosse stick, but it ends up resembling a parking meter.

World Bike Polo Championship Trophy

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    The existence of this sport is funny enough, but its trophy is just too much.

    I'm not even really sure what the metal pieces are holding up the red ball that looks like a clown nose, but I know it's hurting my eyes to look at it.

    I'm sure the funding for this trophy is limited, but these guys can do better than this.

    The combination of this trophy and these goofballs with their custom bikes chasing around a street hockey ball has given birth to a truly epic level of awesomeness.

    Unfortunately, the trophy is still disgusting.


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