The Montreal Expos Logo: The Truth Comes Out!

joel kirsteinCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

The genesis of the Expos' logo design is that the initial owner, Charles Bronfman,
of Seagrams fame, scribbled an idea down on a cocktail napkin in a pinch, when the
team was due to show MLB what they had in mind for an team identity in late 1968.

I learned about this tale when I was working as a junior designer at Grey Advertising in
1987 in Montreal, my first job out of school. We worked on the Seagrams account and
got lots of free tickets to Expos games at the Olympic stadium.

Being the cavernous dump it was, tickets to Expos' games at the big owe were easy to come by. I met one of Seagram's big shots, who when introduced myself and told him that I was a graphic designer working on his account, he shared the origins of the Expos' logo.