My First Experience Watching The Thursday Night Game On NFL.Com Left Me Spastic

Glenn CardSenior Analyst INovember 20, 2008

I logged on to to watch the Thursday night game between the Steelers and the Bengals. Instead of getting a view of the game I only got the talking heads with continuous commentary.

The commentary did at least hover around the two teams playing but it was dated analysis dealing with the previous games played by the teams. This is the same analysis I’ve watched on ESPN for a couple of days leading up to this game.

Where the hell is the footage from this game? I get about two minutes of time lagged footage and then back to analysis. Even that coverage was spotty and herky-jerky despite having decent bandwidth on my cable modem.

They gave me an update on downs and yardage to go but no footage. They gave me the score moments before the end of the first quarter, no footage.

Did they not pay attention to CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN and the coverage that they provide? I subjected my senses to that disjointed jumble that apparently the NFL feels is superior coverage for far to long.

Couldn’t they hire/steal away some of the established commentators? Hell, it’s pretty much everybody else’s day off. I’m sure those commentators would find a way to work the overtime in this financial market.

Yes I know, I could avoid all this aggravation and just purchase the NFL Network package. Instead, I shut down the browser and computer then fired up the ham radio and listened to actual play by play. The hell with the NFL network.