Why Hasn't the Economic Plague Reached NYC?

statboy yankophersonContributor INovember 20, 2008

In 2000, the entire country was rocked by the so called "subway series" between the Yankees and the Mets. NYC flourished, as their fans got to enjoy success that no other city has ever enjoyed. They got to see their two beloved teams reach the pinnacle of the sport. The New York baseball teams clearly have enjoyed solid success over the years.

Recent times haven't been so kind to the city that never sleeps. The Yankees and the Mets both had what it took to be successful to a certain extent. Year in and year out, you would see one of them, if not both of them, playing October baseball. Many would consider that type of production to be great, or at least par. 

In New York, that type of play isn't appreciated. The somewhat spoiled New York fans seem to take the approach of World Series or bust. The city has not enjoyed that pleasure since that cold October night back in 2000. Was that glorious day the top of the mountain, or have the last few years just been a bump in the road?

Lets face it, the economy is bad right now. In fact, we just had a presidential election in which the means of fixing our economy was the deciding factor for approximately 60 percent of Americans. Therefore, New York and its teams should be doing worse than ever right now, correct?


The two New York teams have more reason than ever for optimism. This economic crisis that is hitting our country really hard can't find NYC. It is in its own bubble shield, protected from any kind of plague that causes frugality.

Hank Steinbrenner and his New York Yankees are in a much better position than most people realize. They truly do have an ace in waiting in 22 year old Phillip Hughes. They have a strong core, which everyone knows is important to anything—your body, your team, etc... 

This strong core consists of Jeter, A-Rod, Wang, Chamberlain, Cano, Rivera, and Posada. At the same time, they have all the money in the world to work with. They can go out and address those positions which I didn't mention and give several big-name players a blank check.

CC Sabathia seems like the kind of guy that could anchor a staff for years. A.J. Burnett seems like just the kind of pitcher that Hank will drool over. The Yankees can sign both of these high profile pitchers, and still significantly reduce their payroll.

A rotation of Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Pettitte, and Chamberlain is hard to top. What if Burnett gets injured? This is where that young phenom Phil Hughes comes into play.  They will have a strong, young, and deep rotation that could win them 100-105 games next year.

The only other place that the Yanks need help is in the outfield, and maybe first base.  The Yankees have a new stadium coming in next year, which will provide plenty of revenue. They can address their rotation, first base, and the outfield without worrying about the price. What a luxury.

The Mets have a really strong core, but are a little weak in the supporting cast. They have a few stars performing up to hype, but need some role players, depth, and durability.

Their offseason has Derek Lowe written all over it. Schneider is a real grinder. Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Santana, and Wagner are all worthy of having teams built around them. The Mets are strong up the middle.

They are two durable starters, two or three relievers, and an outfielder away from becoming the class of the National League. They can achieve that in Lowe, Abreu, and a few more pieces. As with the Yankees, the Mets will have tons of revenue coming from their own new stadium.

New Yorkers deserve to hold their heads up high. They seem to have survived the economic crisis well, and will enjoys the bounties of that for years to come. The Nets are even moving to Brooklyn soon. The Giants look like a threat to repeat. Favre is leading the Jets charge. D'Antoni's squad looks decent on paper.

New York is the place to be.

2009 World Series: Yankees V.S. Mets

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