WWE News: Superstar Kevin Nash Is Released from His Contract

Will CooksonCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2011

"Former WWE Superstar" Kevin Nash.
"Former WWE Superstar" Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash has been formally released from his WWE contract, according to wwe.com. This news comes on the back of his firing at the hands of C.O.O. Triple H on this week's Monday Night Raw Supershow.

What remains to be seen is whether this is a legitimate release or just another twist in the ongoing saga involving Nash, Triple H and IWC darling, CM Punk.

Whilst Nash announced that he had been signed up to a WWE Superstar contract a couple of weeks ago on Raw, his main role in the company had been backstage and as a WWE Legend in recent months.

This is what makes this new development even more questionable. Would Triple H really be willing to let one of his best friends leave following one of the biggest wrestling storylines of the year, or is there still a twist to come?

One possible scenario to come from this development is for Nash to make an unannounced appearance at Night of Champions, in order to continue his recent targeting of CM Punk, and to betray his "former" boss, Triple H.

For what it is worth, my money is on Nash turning up at the Pay-Per-View event to disrupt the match that he should have been a part of (Triple H vs CM Punk), especially seeing as this bout has been turned into a no DQ match.


What does everyone think of this news, and what do you think is next for Big Daddy Cool?

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