Its How They Play The Game

Ben SaxtonContributor INovember 20, 2008

Recently, doubts have been cast upon the Denver Broncos, one of the NFL's most upstart teams. Critics point to flaws in the defense, as well as special teams. " they are to beat up" and "not full enough to stop the ball" says Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune, but him and many other doubters overlook the qualities that make Denver a competitor, and will bring them far past predictions cast by writers in America. 

Denver, is one of the last true football teams left in the NFL. They have the qualities of grit, determination, and teamwork, and undeniably class. These qualities are how they live life and play the game. They have shown these impeccable qualities over the last two weeks with gutsy victories over both Cleveland and Atlanta(both potential spoilers). Down by a seemingly insurmountable deficit entering the fourth quarter, Denver rallied around the play of Rookie receiver Eddie Royal and young star quarterback Jay Cutler. In Atlanta they battled back and forth all game, and used their determination to win on a 9 yard strike to Daniel Graham in the end-zone. Teamwork is their most abundant, and important quality. As the New York Giants showed last year, teamwork can overcome even the leagues greatest players, with players who had meshed together over the course of the season New York disrupted the ebb and flow of the NFL's most productive offense ever. The Broncos may not boast of names such as Micheal Strahan or Osi Umynora but the idea is the same. The offense, and AFC best also relies on the teamwork of Jay Cutler, and star wide outs Royal and Brandon Marshall, as well ass two tight ends, slot receiver Brandon Stokley, and an offensive line that has allowed to date the fewest sacks ever in an NFL season. The Broncos function like clockwork, and nothing matters more than that. Denver also carries itself with a certain aspect of class that is rare in today's flashy game. Only Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy can match the low key, class act Mike Shannan and the Mile High Hero's have carried on for years. By treating themselves with class(a trait demanded by Shannahan) the Broncos respect others in doing so. 

These traits undeniably make up a team worthy of a championship, and these Broncos will be looking to silence a wave of critics, that never let up. And on Monday after a potential victory in Oakland the bashing will start again but the Denver Broncos will keep exhibiting these humble, but winning traits as they remember that its not whether they win or loose its how they play the game.