You Know You're a Hockey Fan When...

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst INovember 20, 2008

  •  You punish your kids with "minors," "majors," and "misconducts."
  •   You call a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame a "pilgrimage."
  •  You can say "Khabibulin," "Tkachuk," "Jagr," "Leschyshyn," and "Nikolishin" without getting tongue-tied.
  •  You think the proper way to spell the plural of "leaf" is "leafs."
  •  You send Gordie Howe a birthday card, yet you can't even remember  your own family members' birthdays.
  •   All your kids are either named Gordie, Bobby, or Wayne.
  •  You keep a picture of the Stanley Cup in your wallet in front of the picture of your family.
  •  Instead of duct tape, you use hockey tape to fix everything.
  •  Every time you hear a siren you wonder who scored.
  •  When someone refers to "The Classics," you think they're talking about the Original Six.
  •  You went into a bank because it advertised "Free Checking"....and walked out disappointed.
  •  When you come to a traffic signal and the light turns green, you stop.
  •  When you come to a traffic signal and the light turns red, you get really excited and start cheering.
  • You went to see West Side Story because you thought it was about a game between Colorado and San Jose.

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