WWE: Maryse and the 15 Steamiest Moments of Her Wrestling Career

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IISeptember 8, 2011

WWE: Maryse and the 15 Steamiest Moments of Her Wrestling Career

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    Attention! Hot current coming through...

    The summer days, like my youth, are fading away fast, but that doesn't mean I have to stop cozying up and watch my favorite WWE Diva in action.

    I mean, let's face it...Maryse Ouellet is the most beautiful girl in the world! She's French-Canadian and dating The Miz, too...be jealous!

    To be serious now, just a little.

    She has been absent from live television for quite some time now. The truth is, she needed to have surgery to treat an abdominal hernia and will be off for a while.

    Unfortunately, that could not come at a worst time—just like Kharma's maternity leave—as the Divas division seems to be heading in the right direction with the Sisters of Destruction set to destroy Kelly Kelly and take the WOMEN'S championship back to its former glory.

    Make no mistake about it, she may look like a princess, but Maryse is no push-over. She is the the longest-reigning Divas Champion with two glamorous reigns and has been the center of attention on many occasions.

    When she does return, who knows what side she'll pick. I wouldn't mess with her! In the meantime...why don't we take a look at the best moments of her young career.

    WARNING: Contains hot material. ATTENTION: C'est chaud. CUIDADO: Hace mucha calor. 

Maryse Welcomes Us Back for More Friday Night Smackdown

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    Ai yai yai!

    Where was I during those years she did all these commercials? Damn Magic: The Gathering!!

    No really...that was a great way to grab our attention and may coincide with the time people like to say Smackdown was at its best.

    I have watched these and do not think it is degrading or insulting to anyone. Men love it, women I know just have a laugh and kids are um...educated? It's all about entertainment, right?

    Oh! I forgot to add this one.

A Tale of French-Canadians and Their Dogs

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    Upon arriving on the WWE scene, Maryse made her presence known quickly. She started to hang out with Deuce 'n Domino much to the surprise of their Valet, Cherry.

    The girl has a snobby attitude and acts like she's all that...I will not dispute that claim. Maryse is la crème de la crème!

    In real life, she seems to be such a classy, sweet lady. I hope to meet her someday...for an autograph! Go wash that dirty thought out right now, guys!

    She would take the company by storm and by hook or by crook, she'd reach the top sooner or later. 

Maryse Defeats Michelle McCool...That's 1!

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    It was a proud, proud day!

    Maryse managed to defeat what was to become the queen bee of all WWE Divas, Michelle McCool, and win her very first championship.

    Notice how much the fans cheered for the French hottie both when she came out and when she won. There is no denying it, this woman has incredible sex appeal.

    Her title reign is the longest to date at 216 days, and believe me, that is quite a long time in today's world.

    She held that championship right up to Night of Champions 2009 where she was defeated by the always fantastic Mickie James. Afterwards, Maryse took time away from the ring to recover from a knee surgery.

    Between winning the title and losing it she...

...Moved to RAW

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    Everyone needs to get on the RAW Supershow if they have any hopes of making it big in WWE.

    It is the top show and the place where dreams come true. Maryse and her Divas title were destined to be where the lights shine bright. The show is one of the most-watched shows every week and has been around for years.

    Millions of people tune in to watch you fight and speak. Having her flip her beautiful blond extensions every week must have gotten so many more viewers. I wish there was a Maryse t-shirt! I would buy one and wear it proudly!

    That move alone set so many things in motion. Her matches with Melina, her relationship with The Miz and her return in 2009.

    I hope she recovers soon because not seeing her on TV lately is starting to drive me insane. At least I can listen to CM Punk and The Miz to help me feel better.

    VOTE NOW for Maryse to start having t-shirts! Men and women versions please. Pourquoi moi Maryse? Pourquoi?!

Defeats Melina in a Champion vs. Champion Match

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    Just a little while ago, we had two championships in the WWE for the ladies. Michelle McCool officially became the undisputed Divas Champion last year at Night of Champions when she pinned Melina.

    I think retiring the Women's championship was a disgrace and a huge mistake. Its rich history cannot simply be erased like that. Mark my words, if my hunch is correct, the Divas of Doom will see to it being restored soon enough.

    On RAW in early 2009, then-Women's Champion Melina was set to collide with then-Divas Champion Maryse in a Champion vs. Champion match.

    I thought that was really interesting. We never had a match between the two and I wanted to see that. They had an altercation the week prior while both were on commentary and as Melina attempted to enter the ring, ma Québécoise préférée attacked and beat the crap out of her.

    WWE booked a Lumberjill match and low and behold, Maryse came out on top. It was a glorious moment for womankind.

Seduces the Pants off of the Miz

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    Alright, so it seems like they are actually a couple in real life. That's great!

    In 2009, the young, up-and-coming Miz had his hands full trying to deal with John Cena and winning the heart of the French-Canadian champion.

    Week after week, The Miz courted her and wondered if she paid attention to what he was doing to his opponents. While it seemed like she was beginning to crack, the girl made it quite clear time and again she'd only be seen with winners and back then, the "Awesome One" failed to capture his first singles title and ended up remaining well...single.

    P.S. Miz...I am a huge fan of yours, but Maryse does NOT butcher the English language!

Defeats Mickie James in a Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

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    Don't you just love the way Maryse pins her opponents...she just lays on top of them all sexy and beautiful.

    I am in awe.

    So far, we've had her come on top of Michelle McCool, Melina, The Miz and Mickie James. Quite an impressive resume for one so princess-like, don't you think?

    Seeing the women compete in Swimsuit Spectaculars during the summer is acceptable, just as long as it doesn't become repetitive. Some are incredible athletes, of course, and we need to see that side of them and not just their bikini tans.

    Maryse was in the ring with such great talent as Gail Kim and Mickie James. That is enough to be proud of, but she also managed to plant James with an incredible French Kiss DDT for the victory. Bravo Maryse!

    The real test would come the following weekend as she was set to battle "Hardcore Country" over the Divas championship.

    Just before, however, she had to...

...Uses the Miz as Bait and Lures Mickie into a Trap

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    I have a question for you readers right now. Did they really think we'd ever buy into that whole Lay-Cool/WWE thinks Mickie James is fat angle back in 2009-10?

    Seriously, Mickie James looks absolutely phenomenal! She is all woman, and the very sight of her takes my breath away.

    Glad we cleared that up.

    Back to Maryse. She was a few days away from her title defense against Mickie and one thing was left to do: humiliate her.

    She convinced her suitor, The Miz, to participate. As her opponent and the chick magnet exchange words, Ma Belle Brûme crept up behind Mickie much to her surprise. The two had a staredown and fzzzzzzt!! Spray to the eyes!

    I just love being a "heel" as this was delicious for me to watch. Not only did they one-up the four-time Women's Champion, but the look they had on their faces was priceless.

    One thing in particular makes me watch this segment over and over: the way the two Divas looked. I already stated what I thought of Mickie James, but just take a look at Maryse.


    Oh Mickie, you are so fine, and Maryse...pourquoi es-tu si belle?

Maryse Returns from Injury

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    Ah whip mah hair back and forth! Ah whip mah hair!!

    Maryse lost her Divas championship to Mickie James at Night of Champions 2009. This was due in part for a good reason. She needed surgery on her knee and requested some time away to heal.

    Months passed and in November of that year, Melina was now the Divas Champion and reigned over Monday nights.

    After some 20 years away, the absurd-looking Gobblely-Gooker returned to the ring as a guest during the Thanksgiving special match involving Pilgrims and Native Americans (Indians are from India people).

    The "savages" won the match and Melina, the wild champion, was interviewed by Jerry Lawler post-victory. Everything seemed just fine until that damned bird attacked the Divas Champion.

    Beneath all those feathers was revealed to be Maryse. The French-Canadian super Diva made her long-awaited return to WWE and delivered a message: "That belt you carry, Melina, it is MINE!"

    She was as beautiful as ever and people just LOVED to see her. I sure did and the crowd ate it all up.

The Sultry Diva Defeats Melina, AGAIN!

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    I just love Melina's entrance and theme music—it is my iPhone ringtone!

    Maryse and Trojan in the same sentence....OUF!

    This battle between them was to be the first of many encounters over the Divas championship, and I believe that ultimately, Maryse would have defeated Melina clean once more to win the title, but it was not to be.

    In December, Melina tore her ACL and was forced to relinquish her championship, much to my chagrin. The feud I was waiting for never materialized and now will never happen again as the Mexican Diva was released from her contract this summer.

    No matter. A win is a win, and Maryse was on her way to regain her spot as the top Diva on RAW.

Psyching out Gail Kim on the Road to a Championship

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    2010 was an up-and-down year for Maryse. 

    Her rivalry with Melina was cut short due to injury and because of that, a great opportunity to show us what else she can do was taken away.

    Fate was not without a heart, however, as a tournament was organized to declare a new Divas Champion. Maryse and Gail Kim made their way to the finals and upon realizing this, the lovely French girl quickly made use of mind tricks to distract her enemy.

    I say mind tricks, you say speaking French...same thing! Watch the video and listen. It goes like this.

    "J'sais que tu ne me crois pas mais j'veux juste te dire que tu sens les vidanges à 100 pieds de moi. J'peux te sentir ça n'a pas de bon sens. J'te regarde la pis tout ce que je vois c'est une fille qui fait pitié. T'es une moins que rien Gail, une moins que rien."

    OUCH! Basically, she said Gail Kim smelled like trash, was pitiful and is less than nothing.

    Call her a bitch or whatever you want. Players need to win and she plays her part to perfection. The Oscar goes to...drum roll please..!!

    La plus belle femme au monde: Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Defeats Gail Kim...That's 2, Baby!

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    Finally, we have a clear winner!

    If Melina could not lose the title to her, then she would find another way to regain the gold. She just had to win the tournament. She did!

    The new WWE Divas Champion in early 2010 was none other than Maryse.

    She had to put all her energy into winning this thing as her French thrashing of Gail Kim proved to be ineffective.

    The match itself wasn't very long, and the Asian sensation botched a move on the top rope allowing her opponent to capitalize and deliver a beautifully executed French Kiss DDT for the victory and her second Divas title.

    Too bad her reign was ended when Eve Torres of all people pinned her in London, England.

The WrestleMania Moment

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    So far so good for Maryse in 2010.

    She regained the Divas championship and had a victorious WrestleMania moment alongside the top female performers of the time.

    The ladies all managed to plant one another with their finishers, but I think Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and Maryse's looked particular destructive.

    I so would have liked to have the unification match THEN: Women's Champion Mickie James versus Divas Champion Maryse in a long-awaited rematch from Night of Champions.

    I guess not. 

    Instead, we had to listen to Vickie Guerrero belly ache! The highlight of the match? Vickie delivering a "Hog Splash" and showing tribute to her late husband, Eddie, for the three count.

    Let's not make a complaint out of things and enjoy it anyway. Maryse had her WrestleMania moment. Some people didn't even have one at all.

Going for Money in the Bank

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    I would have absolutely bought the whole damn thing had Maryse snatched the briefcase. What a moment!

    Aww...instead, The Miz won that night. AWESOME!

    I just love how she utters out that little girl scream and kicks her feet when John Morrison picks her up. So funny.

    She is a good-luck charm, you hear! The Miz managed to win and it's because she was at ringside. Move over, DiBiase!

Maryse Also Known as Lady Luck

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    Not only does Maryse win titles on her own (and they are always clean, may I add), she is a good-luck charm to those who choose to associate themselves with her.

    ***Side Note: Ted DiBiase sucks the luck right out of people, so Cody Rhodes, dump him immediately! Here! Use my cell phone!

    This video was taken just one day before The Miz, her real-life partner, was set to defeat Randy Orton for the WWE championship.

    Not only that, the woman has her own followers and they LOVE HER! Mike Mizanin was right, Maryse Ouellet walks, talks and acts like a champion, and she is class all the way.

    This video is self-explanatory. She looks like 21st Century royalty. I really hope The Miz either turns "face" or regains the WWE title soon. 2012 sounds like a great year for them because they are BOTH heavily favored by Vince McMahon.

    That alone is worth millions.

    They don't say French-Canadian women are the best for nothing. Have you even taken a peek at them? I promise you this, they have California gurls beat by a mile, no contest!

Maryse and Her Imminent Return to the Ring...Anytime Now!

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    After all this you wonder, what else is there to do?

    Maryse hasn't really turned "face" yet, right? Maybe that could be a new year's revolution along with regaining the Divas championship for an unprecedented third time.

    I just hope she comes back soon as she is one of my favorite Divas. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope the surgery was executed flawlessly. 

    Monday Night RAW will be live from Ottawa, our nation's capital, and if she really is Lady Luck, maybe I'll run into her or The Miz or BOTH!

    What a nice birthday present to myself that would be.

    No matter what, Maryse is a great athlete, a beautiful woman and an incredible Diva. She has champion written all over her.

    This girl is a winner.