College Football Week 13 Quick Picks

DJ WalkerCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

Here are some picks on the top 10 teams this week in college football as well as some other random thoughts from across sports.

No. 5 Oklahoma vs. No. 2 Texas Tech

Spread: OU by 6.5

Texas Tech just can't get any love this year and week after week they go out and prove that they belong in the hunt for the National Championship. The chip on the shoulders or the Red Raiders will prove to be enough to get them by yet another tough opponent. And don't count on the Sooners to show up on defense magically this weekend, either.

No. 4 Florida vs Citadel

Spread: NL

This game will be a blowout. Florida will have to try hard to lose this game and I just don't see it happening. Urban Meyer will consider it a loss if he isn't up by 40-plus in the fourth and Tim Tebow is still throwing the ball (whoops...).

No. 7 Utah vs. No. 14 BYU

Spread: Utah by 6.5

This game has BCS implications for both teams so look for a long hard-fought game on both sides of the ball. This one will be close. The spread favors Utah, so I'm going to have to go with the home team on this one.

No. 8 Penn State vs. No. 15 Michigan State

Spread: Penn State by 14.5

Another game with bowl implications, PSU will be playing for the Big 10 conference and Rose Bowl trip. MSU will be playing for the same thing while hoping their arch-rival Michigan pulls a rabbit out against Ohio State. The X-factor in this game will be PSU's run defense which is ranked 10th in the country. Penn State wins the Big 10 outright.

No. 9 Boise State at Nevada

Spread: Boise State by 6

Once again this will be a hard-fought game by bitter rivals. Boise will be playing for a BCS berth and some love for the conference. The low spread favors Boise State and I like their dynamic offense. The Broncos have my pick this week.

No. 10 Ohio State vs. Michigan

Spread: Ohio State by 20.5

Arguably the best rivalry in college football, this game has more at stake than meets the eye. Ohio State will be playing for its shot at the conference title and hoping MSU beats Penn State. Michigan will be playing to salvage what's left of its miserable season. By the numbers 20.5 looks like a fair spread but I see the Wolverines losing by only two touchdowns. Pick the maize and blue against the spread, even though the Buckeyes will still come out on top.

Other Points of Interest

LSU is only favored over Ole Miss by 4.5 points. The Tigers need to be careful if they want to make a case for themselves in the postseason. They can't afford another loss this late in the season.

Arizona and Georgia Tech are unranked and favored over ranked teams by 3 and 3.5 points, respectively. These would be good games to put on your DVR if you're planning on watching something else at those times.

And in other news...

Pacman Jones just got reinstated...again. I thought Roger Goodell was trying to make a name for himself as the tough guy and the "pain in the ass" for all the ne'er-do-rights in the league. I guess they probably think it's punishment enough to play on the same team as Owens and Williams.

The Billups-AI trade looks like it's going to pan-out for both teams. The Nuggets have won four straight and the Pistons just snapped Cleveland's eight-game win streak.

Ocho Cinco (man, I can't even type that without laughing) just got deactivated for showing up to a meeting late and then walking out on it moments later... allegedly... I really can't see how a stand-up guy like Chad...Ocho...Cinco... would do something like that.

Brady Quinn has a broken finger (right index) but will try to play Sunday. Brett Farve probably called him. Romo should take notes.

When asked about his team's 0-10 record by a reporter, Lion's head coach Rod Marinelli responded, "I'm not 0-10, you're 0-10." Apparently that reporter is also glue in which everything he says bounces off Marinelli and sticks back to him. Definitely my quote of the week.