WWE's Great One: 5 Ways The Rock Can Get Involved at Survivor Series

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2011

WWE's Great One: 5 Ways The Rock Can Get Involved at Survivor Series

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    WrestleMania XXVIII is sure to be one of the most memorable WrestleManias in history. This can all be said with only one match announced: The Rock vs. John Cena.

    It's a dream match, rivaling the caliber of Rock vs. Hogan. 10 years later, two generations will once again collide.

    Unusually, this match was booked the day after WrestleMania 27. Many were skeptical as to how the WWE would build a match over the course of a year.

    While there have been many jabs at each other online, the official build towards this match will begin at Survivor Series. The WWE is advertising The Rock's "return to action." In Madison Square Garden, there is no better place.

    However, with the WWE's insistence on over-hyping everything, this can be interpreted in many ways.

    Is The Rock legitimately returning for a match or will he only make a run-in? The WWE has left itself some leverage with its lack of specificity.

    I'll attempt to run down five ways The Great One could make his presence felt at Survivor Series. 

A One-on-One Match

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    Starting with the most obvious. The WWE may be implying that The Rock will be returning for a match.

    While it obviously wouldn't be against John Cena, there are a number of other candidates. 

    CM Punk stands out as the front-runner. He has been giving The Great One slack over the last few months and perhaps The Rock could return to shut him up.

    With three pay-per-views between now and SS, Punk's problems with Triple H and Kevin Nash could be over.

    Of course, it's granted that there will be a build towards WM28 at Survivor Series, but that shouldn't rule out a match.

    It could be a logical idea. While The Rock is a tremendous athlete, I'm sure the WWE would prefer to get the seven-and-a-half-year rust off him before the big event.

    At Survivor Series, we may see CM Punk go one-on-one with The Great One.

A Classic Survivor Series Tag-Match

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    At Survivor Series this year, it appears as though we may see the return of relevant Survivor Series five-on-five tag matches.

    Some of the ideas thrown around have been Team Triple H vs. Team Nash, Team Punk vs. Team Nash. 

    Whatever the WWE decides to go with, The Rock could always be a part of a team—whether that be John Cena's team or not.

    While it may overshadow The Rock, it would allow him to ease back into the ring. It would undoubtedly add entertainment and intrigue to the match, should the Triple H/CM Punk feud become tiresome. 

    Not to mention, The Rock is fantastic in these matches. At Survivor Series in 2001, The Rock eliminated Stone Cold Steve Austin last in a fantastic five-on-five tag match to save the WWE.

    This is always a possibility for The Rock. It may prove easier and more logical than booking him in a singles match.

Cost John Cena His Match

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    In terms of storyline build, this seems very likely. The Rock costing Cena his match would easily insert him back into the WWE and create huge heat between the two.

    This could be the "a** whuppin'" The Rock promised John Cena.

    It is possible that at Survivor Series, Cena will either be challenging for the WWE championship or defending it, so costing him the title makes perfect sense.

    Much like he did at WrestleMania 27, a Rock Bottom could seal it and kickstart the feud between the two, and could subsequently take us all the way to April 2012. 

    I could see the WWE going in this direction, and the New York crowd would undoubtedly pop hugely for it.

Backstage Brawl with John Cena

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    Or maybe it doesn't last until the match. The Rock and Cena could exchange words backstage and embroil in a huge brawl.

    It gives the fans a taste of what to come, and like the last situation, would kickstart the feud with a heated encounter.

    Problem with this situation is the execution. John Cena will definitely have a match, and thus this brawl would need to take place earlier in the night.

    Possibly, The Rock ambushes Cena directly before his match, taking him out of competition. 

    The Rock could proceed to talk trash, having gotten the better of Cena. Cena could have a legit reason to hate The Rock, and again, it would be a great start to the build-up of this match.

Sticking to the Microphone

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    "Finally, The Rock has come back, to New York City!"

    With The WWE's track record, I could see it not delivering at Survivor Series, and not having The Rock become physically involved.

    I would be fine with that. Let him stick to what he does best: verbally run down his opponents.

    In front of the MSG fans, Rocky would cut multiple promos on John Cena, pushing him to the edge.

    He would also be playing mind games with Cena, having promised him an attack months earlier.

    Five months out from WrestleMania, The Rock has nothing to prove by stepping into the ring at this early stage. Why not let him get under the skin of Cena while entertaining the crowd?


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    Regardless of the direction the WWE chooses, The Rock's presence at Survivor Series has made the event can't-miss. In front of an always lively New York City crowd, it should be a memorable show.

    It should surely serve as a precursor to WrestleMania and give us a true taste of the Rock vs. Cena feud.

    Not only that, but it will be interesting to see how the WWE progresses this feud and whether or not John Cena remains the same or if this is the start of a change.

    The Rock and John Cena will ultimately take part in one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania history, and we should all enjoy the moment. 

    Hit up the comments with your ideas for what Rock should do at Survivor Series.


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