All-NBA Arrested Hall of Fame Team

David PuccioContributor INovember 20, 2008

Every year we hear about a player or two being arrested, so I decided to put together a team of arrestees. 

Not just any team of arrestees. This team consists of Hall of Fame players and future Hall of Fame players each who have been arrested at least once.  Anything less than a Hall of Fame team would probably include about 200 players. 

The years selected is the year that they were arrested unless they were already retired where I took their best year.  I know, kind of cheating.

Without further ado, here is your All NBA Arrested HOF Team.


PGJason Kidd, 2001-2002

Jason Kidd is a definite hall of famer and former arrestee.  Kidd had a couple of run-ins with police when he was a student at Cal and his early days with the Mavericks but is most known for charge of domestic violence in 2001. 

If I remember correctly his response was that she was abusing him.  Nice, I guess toughness is not the factor keeping him in this starting lineup.


SGAllen Iverson, 2002-2003

Where do we start? 

Iverson was first arrested in high school when he was arrested for “maiming by mob” and spent four months in jail.  After his 1997 rookie year, he was arrested for possession of a gun and marijuana and charged with threatening two men with a gun in 2002.  Don’t mess with this guy.


SFKobe Bryant, 2002-2003

I don’t believe that we need an explanation here.


PFCharles Barkley, 1996-1997

No big deal here, Barkley just decided to throw a man threw a plate glass window.  Barkley’s statement to the man thrown through the window ''You got what you deserve. You don't respect me. I hope you're hurt.''


CRobert Parish, 1988-1989

This current hall of famer never got in trouble with the law until he decided to mail order marijuana through Federal Express.


Sixth ManGeorge Gervin, 1977-1978

"Iceman" was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana.   He was not able to finger roll his way out of this one.  Wow, that was a bad joke but I am leaving it because I have nothing.


CBill Walton, 1976-1977

Not an arrest remembered by most NBA fans, but Walton was arrested in 1972 for protesting Richard Nixon’s naval blockade of North Vietnam.  It was just a quiet sit in (Walton, quiet, really?), but he was arrested none the less.


FChris Webber, 1998-1989

This future hall of famer was pepper sprayed in the face for resisting arrest, marijuana possession, and driving under the influence in 1998. 

He really wasn’t resisting arrest but rather trying to call a timeout.  The police officer realizing that this was an attempt to get away because Webber did not have any timeouts left sprayed him.


GCalvin Murphy, 1973-1974

Murphy was accused and acquitted or child molestation charges.


GPete Maravich, 1976-1977

“Pistol” was arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. 

According to the Mark Kriegel book Pistol, this was because he was so depressed and nobody liked him.  That was a joke, this was an excellent book and I recommended it to anyone.


CMoses Malone, 1993-1994

In 1993, Moses was arrested for threatening to kill his ex-wife.


FJames Worthy, 1989-1990

In 1990, Worthy was arrested and charged with two counts of prostitution.  So the guy needs a stress reliever before a game and the next thing he knows he’s in handcuffs.

Well, he ordered two women so I guess we know why they call him “Big Game James.”