Fantasy Football Week 1: Don't Get Tebowed

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor ISeptember 7, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 1: Don't Get Tebowed

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    It is finally time to put in your winning fantasy football team.  With the shorter preseason, injuries and the surprise releases how do you decide who to start?  First fantasy lesson of the season, don’t get Tebowed!

    I’ve decided to invoke Tim Tebow’s name as a verb.  You know like Keyser Soze, a name fantasy draft players whisper to fantasy novice players at night, like the boogeyman, a name to warn and intimidate.  Tebowed:  vb   1. to forget about coaching changes that may affect your fantasy team  2 to assume the hype will propel you to a win.

    So to avoid being Tebowed, pay attention, paraphrasing Verbal Kint, “I believe in stats and the only thing that scares me is a coaching change that no one notices.”

Seattle Seahawks' New Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

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    Let’s face it, Seattle doesn’t offer many fantasy options. 

    While Marshawn Lynch did carry the Seahawks pass the New Orleans Saints in a playoff game, that was then and this is now.  There are some whispers that the addition of Darrell Bevell makes Sidney Rice a fantasy star.  This thought follows the option that Rice is teamed with his old offensive coordinator Bevell and has familiarity with the quarterback Tavaris Jackson

    But Bevell’s philosophy has been jam the ball down the opponents’ throat and that opens the door for the passing game.  This works exceptionally well when your running back is Adrian Peterson and your quarterback is Brett Favre.  And no disrespect, but Marshawn Lynch is no Adrian Peterson and Tavaris Jackson is no Brett Favre.

    While Bevell had improved the Vikings stats each year, this is his first year in Seattle.  So don’t get Tebowed and rely on Rice’s last year statistics and vault him into the Calvin Johnson, Roddy White stratosphere.  He is in a new system, albeit with an old coordinator that demands run first option, with a quarterback who will also demand a run first option.  This might make Marshawn Lynch or Leon Washington a sleeper option but I’m afraid it makes Rice a nice afterthought, a wait and see option.

Rob Ryan and the Resurgence of the Dallas Cowboys Defense

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    The bravado of the Ryan boys, does anyone every really get tired of it?  Sure, defense is an afterthought unless you are in an IDP league, but match-ups are fantasy gold.  Getting Tebowed in this instance means you only remember that Dallas allowed the second most points in the league last year, finishing 31st in the NFL and giving up a franchise record 436 points. 

    Getting Tebowed would be to take this preseason as an indicator of what the season will bring.  Enter Rob Ryan -- the man who orchestrated the revival of the Cleveland Browns defense last year.  If you are in an IDP league, take a long hard look at both Demarcus Ware and Abe Elam.  

    Rob Ryan’s defense is largely built on confusing the quarterback and offensive line by making it impossible for them to identify who is dropping in coverage and who will be rushing the passer.  This confusion can also be confusing for a new defense who is working on a new system under a limited amount of time.  But are you really going to go against one of Buddy’s boys? 

    The defense will get it and you can count on them to score some points for you this season.

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick's Dream, Asomugha Will Be a Nightmare

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    Okay, quick question: Who worked 13 years as an offensive line coach and is now the defensive coordinator?  Too easy -- Juan Castillo is now the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, you know, the dream team. 

    The team that acquired Nnamdi Asomugha right from under the Jets and the Dallas Cowboys the day after they attained Dominique Rogers-Cromarti in a trade, while still having the services of Asante Samuel; three cornerbacks on one team with a new defensive coordinator, talk about walking into a dream job.  

    Even if you don’t want the Eagles defense, it looks as if your team may have a hard time passing against this team.  But Juan Castillo may have bigger problems, while the Eagles have beefed up the defensive line and the secondary, their linebacker crew is suspect.  Fourth round draft pick Casey Matthews has been starting at middle linebacker.  Yes, he has great lineage (and pretty good hair), and he has been doing a fair job, but if your fourth round pick is your best option at linebacker, will your team be able to jam the ball and let the receivers take a rest? 

    And will the offensive line be improved thus making Michael Vick the fantasy quarterback pick of the year?   The offensive line has not improved without Castillo, so hopes for Michael Vick lasting the full season may get you Tebowed during your fantasy season.  Believing the dream team hype may also get your Tebowed, especially if the opposing offense can run the ball.  This coaching change has two hits for the price of one.  

Can Josh McDaniels Redo His Image in St Louis with Sam Bradford

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    Talk about reverberations.

    Josh McDaniels’ firing in Denver and rebounding in St. Louis has the makings of a great fantasy football sleeper attack! 

    Let’s review shall we?  Josh McDaniels was hired as the Denver Broncos head coach; he traded Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears, the Bears and Cutler went to the playoffs, traded Peyton Hillis to the Cleveland Browns and watching him rush for 1,177 yards, and traded up in the draft to acquire Tim Tebow.  

    FlashFoward (which incidentally was a highly underrated show), Cutler took the Bears to the playoffs, Hillis had such a great year that he is the poster boy for Madden 2012, and Tim Tebow is a verb.  Josh McDaniel is an offensive coordinator.  Sam Bradford, Sims-Walker, Amendola, and Steven Jackson…OH MY! 

    Jackson may see less carries as McDaniels fashions himself as a quarterback guru, but that may prove a hidden blessing for a bruising runner like Jackson who doesn’t know when to get off the field.  But the possibilities for the quarterback and the receivers may prove unlimited.  Bradford showed no inclination to limit himself to one receiver last year, he lost one and he just went to another, and now they have added Sims-Walker to his arsenal of possibilities.  Bradford may not be a top tier quarterback, but he is more than a bye week option. 

Coaches Matter in the NFL Even in Fantasy Football

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    Coaches make a difference in the NFL.  Ask Tim Tebow if Josh McDaniels’ departure affected his potential of being the starting quarterback.  Don’t get Tebowed.  Think of the coaching changes before you allow your fantasies to derail your fantasy line-up.