The Cleveland Browns' Honey Do List

David Contributor INovember 20, 2008

The Cleveland Browns are going to have their hands full this offseason.

There will be a number of decisions that need immediate attention, like who will be head coach in 2009? What to do with Anderson? What do we do with the RB position?

Those are just a few issues that need to be dealt with.

We still have issues with WR, LB, CB, and defensive coordinator. Really, that's not it, but I don't want to sound like I'm nitpicking.

If the Browns want to keep Romeo as Head coach for stability, I guess I can understand. They have had four head coaches since they came back in 1999.

Now, if that's what happens, they have to go out and get a top-notch defensive coordinator and really take a long hard look at Rob Chudzinski.

Mel Tucker, their current defensive coordinator, just can't seem to get a solid game plan. Week after week teams consistently pile up 150+ rushing yards on them. Teams pass down the middle of the field with ease. It's the same thing each week, and he doesn't have an answer.

Chudzinski did a great job last season with his play calling, but this year the offense is nothing more than predictable and boring. I still think he should keep his job, based on last season alone, but he needs to do something besides run on first and second down and pass on third.

Which brings me to the next issue: Jamal Lewis. Is it just me, or does Lewis look for the biggest pile of bodies and run right into it? He has lost whatever kind of cutback abilities he had. If you need a yard, he'll get you two, if you need five yards, he'll get you two. That about sums up Lewis this season.

Then there's WR. Edwards continues to drop passes, and big ones at that. Stallworth is never healthy, and Winslow, who is basically a WR, may not even be here next season.

I could go on and on with the problems the Browns are going to have to deal with, but I'm starting to get depressed. I can't do it anymore. It really sucks to be a Browns fan the last 40 years or so.