WWE Portraits: John Morrison and a Glimpse of His Side of the Story

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WWE Portraits: John Morrison and a Glimpse of His Side of the Story

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    Here I stand, more than six years after I was called up to the main roster with Joey Mercury and Melina. In a mere six years, I have won almost every championship possible. From the Intercontinental to the ECW, my accomplishments are almost unmatched by any Superstar on the current roster.  At this point, the only title that has eluded me was one of the two World Championships.

    While winning the World or WWE Championship has always been my ultimate goal, I now find myself alone on this road to the top. After an on-and-off relationship that began when I was a contestant on a recently resurrected reality show, I find myself without the woman I’ve been in love with for years.

    Normally, I wasn’t thrilled when I learned of her release. I felt as if the WWE was making a mistake, but I understand this is a business and not everyone shares the same opinion as me. The decision put me in a place I’ve never been before. It allowed me time to reflect on my career and what it took for me to get here.

Chapter 1: ECW Champion, Transformation, CM Punk, Teaming with Miz

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    One point in time has stood out. It was 2007 and 15,000 jam packed the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. In a strange twist of fate, officials informed me that I would face CM Punk for the ECW Championship. This came as a shock to me since Chris Benoit was originally scheduled for the match.

    The Rabid Wolverine was unable to attend the event, and I was selected as Punk’s opponent. The WWE wanted to have me as an option whenever Chris Benoit returned. I wasn’t the typical “ECW” Superstar, and I’m positive most felt this match would be a walk in the park for Punk. However, officials booked me to win the match, much to the shock of the live audience.

    The exhilarating feeling of winning the ECW Championship was soon clouded with horror when WWE officials informed the locker room that Chris Benoit had passed away. When the details of Benoit’s passing came to light, officials informed us that Benoit was practically a stranger now.

    In light of the Benoit controversy, I partook in my first match as ECW Champion. The WWE wanted to put me in a matchup with its biggest star in John Cena. Despite a great matchup, I was booked to lose the match, but I felt as if I did great in defeat.

    The officials informed me that I would undergo a character transformation. To my surprise, the WWE allowed me to create almost every aspect of my new character. I always felt I had a resemblance to legendary Doors Rocker, Jim Morrison, and I ultimately decided to model my new gimmick/character after him.

    I really got into Jim Morrison. I spent time reading his biography, related books and his books of poetry. I wanted to immerse myself into the role, and this was the best way. Jim Morrison possessed a mysterious quality that made it seem like he was always on the edge.

    I created my promos, catch phrases and my slow motion entrance.

    My new gimmick was self-complimentary and conceited. In turn, I was the perfect opponent for CM Punk. My program with CM Punk stretched over three pay-per-views as I arose as the victor in each encounter.

    After the SummerSlam matchup, I was informed that I would enter a program with the Boogeyman. Before the program could be ignited, I was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

    Sports Illustrated broke the news of numerous WWE suspensions (me included). I felt as if I had made the biggest mistake of my life. If life teaches you anything, it’s that you learn from your mistakes. Before my suspension commenced, I dropped the ECW Championship to CM Punk.

    Upon my return, I defeated CM Punk in a non-title matchup. I wasn’t surprised as Vince McMahon and ECW Creative had been on a personal crusade against Punk since his debut.  The program with Punk didn’t last long as The Miz was soon added to the mix. I was placed into a mini feud with Miz that was turned into a fully fledged partnership.

    Obviously, we were pinned as odd pairing. In our first match as a team, we defeated another odd pairing in Matt Hardy and MVP for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Our title reign lasted several months with us defeating the likes of Kane and CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney, and the Hardy Boyz.

    Throughout our time as a team, Miz became one of my best friends. Despite our friendship, most felt that I would become the huge star while Miz would reside in the mid card. I waved off the speculation because you never know what’ll happen in the WWE.

    The Dirtsheet was created during our time together. The WWE gave us creative control, and we made the best of it with numerous comedic skits and harsh criticism towards other WWE Superstars. I think the show allowed fans to witness what we were really like.

    Zack Ryder is doing the same today.

    Our first title reign ended at the hands of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder in a four-way tag team match that saw Hawkins and Ryder pin Jesse and Festus. We sporadically feuded with DX and Cryme Tyme while retaining our relevance through the DirtSheet.

    In the months that followed, we won the World Tag Team Championships while picking up two Slammy Awards for the Dirtsheet and Tag Team of the year. WWE Management placed us in a feud with WWE Tag Team Champions, The Colons.  We traded wins while temporarily picking up the Bella Twins as our valets.

    The angle culminated in a match at WrestleMania XXV when they defeated us to unify the Tag Team Championships.

    The loss was a result of Creative wanting to split our team up. I was ecstatic when I learned of this while the split came at the conclusion of a match during the 2009 WWE Draft. The Miz would solidify his status as a heel by attacking me and sparking a feud with John Cena.

    On the other hand, I remained a heel for my last ECW match with Evan Bourne.

    Moments before the match, I learned that I would be drafted to SmackDown and repackaged as a face.

Chapter 2: SmackDown, Face turn, Intercontinental Champion, R-Truth

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    My face turn wouldn’t come immediately as I was booked as a heel for a matchup with R-Truth. The WWE pulled the trigger on my face turn with a match against Shelton Benjamin and a backstage confrontation with Chris Jericho.

    I was ecstatic as this was the first time I would portray a face in my professional wrestling career. This was around the time I picked up Starship Pain as my finisher.  I was placed into a program with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton is a superb working partner, and I felt we could tear the house down at will. During my feud with Shelton, I also faced Chris Jericho on numerous occasions.

    Jericho was the locker room leader at the time, and Creative felt a few matches with Jericho would do wonders for my face status.

    As the mini feud with Jericho ended, I took on Shelton at Judgment Day. In a highly contested matchup, I defeated Shelton as Creative decided to end the feud. I didn’t have a solid direction but faced Umaga and Edge in great matchups.

    The crowd was behind me, and WWE Management felt it was only a matter of time before I would become World Champion.  So they decided to place me in a series of matches with then World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk.

    I won each encounter and was in line for a World Title matchup.

    My opportunity would come in a match with new World Champion, Jeff Hardy. The match was great, but officials wanted to continue Punk’s heel turn and saw no reason for me to win the World Champion. Once again, I found myself without a clear-cut direction until Rey Mysterio violated the Wellness Policy.

    Mysterio had to drop the Intercontinental Championship to someone, and he chose me. In one of the best matches of my career, I defeated Mysterio after Starship Pain. As Rey served his suspension, I was placed in a program with Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler was in a feud with Mysterio before I was brought into the mix.

    I successfully defended the title against Ziggler (twice) and newcomer, Eric Escobar. At this point, I felt as if the Intercontinental Championship was the catalyst that would eventually lead to me winning the World Championship. While I was dominating the mid card on SmackDown, The Miz won the U.S. Championship on RAW.

    Creative set up a matchup at Bragging Rights between us.  Ultimately, I lost the matchup to the Miz. Afterwards, I was slowly de-pushed by management.

    The WWE placed me in a program with Drew McIntyre that ended with me dropping the IC Title to Scotsman.

    I dropped the Intercontinental title before and felt McIntyre would thrive by defeating me.

    After the feud with McIntyre ended, I was momentarily placed into the World Title picture. I was a combatant in the Elimination Chamber, but I was ultimately pinned by The Undertaker.  Once again, I was left without any solid direction.

    I was placed in an angle with R-Truth that saw us challenge ShoMiz for the Unified Tag Team Championship. Ultimately, we lost the matchup and continued to tag sporadically afterwards.

    The WWE gave me a glimmer of hope when I was booked to defeat then World Champion, Jack Swagger, in a matchup on SmackDown. The feud ended before it got off the ground as I was drafted to RAW with R-Truth and Edge.

Chapter 3: RAW, Obscurity, MITB, Nexus

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    In the months that followed, I took some time off due to an ankle injury, sporadically feuded with Ted Dibiase and mentored Eli Cottonwood on WWE NXT.

    I questioned my status in the company as I hadn’t won a match in some time. I participated in the first RAW MITB matchup, but it was won by The Miz. It seems as if the predictions of others backfired when Miz was seemingly on his way to the top while I was fading in mid card obscurity.

    I was thrilled for Mike as he works harder than most of the locker room. I felt my opportunity would come, but it would require patience on my part. I was placed on Team WWE in its match against Nexus at SummerSlam. I was eliminated early on, but the feeling of performing in front of your home crowd outweighed it.

    After I dropped out of the Nexus angle, I grew out my beard and was slowly returned to prominence through a win over Chris Jericho. In the weeks that followed, the WWE wanted to display my parkour training. They taped a backstage segment of me doing some standard Parkour techniques before my matches.

Chapter 4: Resurgence, Parkour, Sheamus, Contender

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    Parkour was flashy, and as a fan of Macho Man, Shawn Michaels, and Ricky Steamboat, I wanted to utilize a unique, high flying style.  Parkour was my mesh as I was a big fan of movement and flashy styles used by Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I wanted to challenge myself as flashy is more difficult.

    I was placed into matchups with Sheamus and Jericho that saw me defeat Jericho twice only to lose to Sheamus because of interference by Y2J.

    WWE Creative inserted me into the Daniel Bryan/Miz feud for WWE Hell in a Cell. Daniel Bryan ultimately won the match while I went on to join Team RAW for Bragging Rights. Team SmackDown won the matchup after Edge pinned Miz, but I was informed that I would feud with former WWE Champion, Sheamus.

    Creative would have Sheamus bully Santino while I was inserted to make the save before Sheamus could cause Santino physical harm. After weeks of thwarting Sheamus’ plans, the WWE set up a matchup for Survivor Series.

    This was my first singles pay-per-view matchup in almost a year.

    The WWE booked me to defeat Sheamus, and I felt as if I was on my way to finally winning the WWE Championship. The feud continued as the 2010 WWE King of the Ring tournament commenced. I defeated Tyson Kidd, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio en route to the finals. Ultimately, WWE booked Sheamus to defeat me so a rubber match could be set up.

    Creative set up a ladder match for the second annual TLC pay-per-view. The difference is the winner would challenge the WWE Champion. In what is called one of the best matches of 2010, I defeated Sheamus for the No. 1 contendership.

    Backstage, officials were thrilled by my performance. You can imagine how I felt knowing I was on the good side of bookers.

    I was finally realizing my dreams. However, the WWE Championship was wrapped tightly around the waist of my best friend, The Miz. Despite being the No. 1 contender, I knew my time hadn’t come yet. Mike was too early into his first term, and Vince McMahon felt he was the future of the company.

    Creative set up numerous promos/tag matches that culminated in me defeating Alex Riley to choose the stipulation for the Championship match with Miz.

    No Holds Barred was the stipulation, and the place was the first RAW of 2011.

    Despite losing the matchup, I felt as if I looked spectacular in defeat.

Chapter 5: Spots, Royal Rumble, Injury, Return

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    Afterwards, I competed in the 2011 Royal Rumble. In what is called the highlight of my career, I performed the infamous “Spiderman” spot.  I was eliminated shortly afterwards, but the WWE Universe was amazed by my stunt as I still receive compliments on the spot to this day.

    Funny thing is, most fans whisper “The Spidey Spot was awesome!”

    I continued my hot streak with wins over Daniel Bryan and Nexus members before Elimination Chamber 2011. Officials knew the chamber was my playground and decided this would be the perfect event to put my parkour training to work. I was eliminated next to last, but I was allowed to utilize numerous spots throughout the match.

    If anything, my popularity was surging because of my parkour.

    As WrestleMania 27 approached, I was involved in a series of matches with Dolph Ziggler that would include Jersey Shore star, Snooki, and former WWE Diva, Trish Stratus. At WrestleMania 27, I would team with Trish Stratus and Snooki to take on LayCool and Dolph Ziggler.

    There’s a lot of controversy that surrounds this matchup. Like I’ve stated before, I feel as if Trish and Michelle got to shine in the match while me and Dolph was reduced to watching from the sidelines. I feel as if Dolph and I could’ve torn the house down had we had a few minutes to do so.

    Snooki picked up the win while I landed Starship Pain on Dolph on the outside.

    After WrestleMania 27, I was involved in a gauntlet match with R-Truth. I lost the matchup, but I won’t mention why because I’m positive you know what I’m referring to. I defeated Truth for his spot in the WWE Title match at Extreme Rules, but Truth subsequently turned heel and attacked me.

    Initially, Truth and I were supposed to feud for months. Officials felt Truth would be the catalyst that eventually led to my transition to the top card. Officials booked Truth to cost me the triple threat with Miz and Cena at Extreme Rules, but it would foreshadow an injury I suffered weeks before.

    Shortly before WrestleMania, I started feeling numbness and pain in my arm.

    I tried to work through it, but the pain was so excruciating that I was forced to undergo an MRI.  I was informed that I would have to have surgery because of issues with bones causing damage to my nerves. To put it simply, it was as if someone was standing on a water hose and not allowing the water to flow out the other end.

    Dr. Joseph Moroon made small incisions on my neck to move bones and disks around my nerve route. I was supposed to miss four to six weeks, but because nerves heal slower than muscles, my return was delayed.

    WWE Management was looking to have me return before the MITB pay-per-view because they felt it’s where I shine.

    I made my return during Triple H’s first RAW as COO and exacted revenge of Truth for “putting me on the shelf." My return matches weren’t what I anticipated, but each was great nonetheless. The news of Melina’s release didn’t surprise but reiterated the fact that I would face the challenges ahead alone.

    The smiling faces of my home crowd can easily pass any emotion I was feeling at the time.

    I won’t deny/confirm the rumors you’ve been hearing, but I encourage you to continue to watch. Who knows what the future will hold for me, but I assure you, I will be Champion.

    I am the Monday Night Delight, the Guru of Greatness, the Honcho of Hotness and the Prince of Parkour.

    I am John Morrison.


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