Observations Of a Half Cooked Football Fan

Rohini IyerSenior Writer INovember 20, 2008

Soccer, is perhaps the only sport that acts as a melting pot of people across the globe. As a fan tottering on the threshold of soccer for the first time in my life, I made a few observations. If in case, I have overdone some or underplayed some, hard core soccer fans please excuse me and my naivety.

Here's presenting a list of them as viewed from a naive pair of eyes:

1. When I was in my second year of college i.e a couple of years back, I observed that 99% of the college guys had only one topic to discuss in the corridors and in between classes: "Football." At that point of time, it seemed to me as if they ate, drank, slept and breathed only about it. The names of Ronaldinho, Beckham and Rooney used to ricochet of the walls.

2. EPL: I started watching this somewhere around this time, last year and I ended up liking Man Utd. But one thing that I fail to understand is: when Man Utd plays against any team, why is it that only Cristiano Ronaldo gets fouled most of the time? Am I being stupid or is this something that really happens, I am confused. please clarify?

3. WAGS of fans, feel very in secured when their beloved's matches are aired. This is a first hand experience, because many of my friends in college used to complain about the attention deficiency by the boys during the matches. I do not know how it is other places, but I think it should be along the same lines.

4. The match time officially is said to be 90 minutes, but it always crosses that. Why can't anyone think and fix the extra and stoppage time beforehand? I am confused yet again?

5. The sport is perhaps the best said example of "to forgive and forget." Fouls might be committed, but the second the referee blows the whistle, it ends there. No hard feelings; no rancour. Perhaps cricketers would learn a lesson or two.

6. Its an addiction. The more you see, the more get hooked and if one does not get the fix, its a prebodition of awaiting disaster.

7. Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea fans loathe each other on principle. Going to them and expressing the love for the sport, rather than the club, is equivalent to committing harakiri. Another thing learnt in my college and experienced, although not first hand.

8. Soccer World Cups are more classy than Cricket World Cups. Wonder why? When the ICC spends millions and millions on organising them?

9. People who are totally unaware of Football can talk about only Pele and Maradonna. Again first hand experience and frankly speaking, I myself was one a couple of years back.

10. Football players are immune to dust, cold, rain, heat and everything climatic. They have protective skin shields which others don't have and also they are multi-climatic.