Notre Dame's Return to Glory, Episode II: The Fans

Jim Cowan@jimicowanCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

It is my nature to bitch and complain about more things than not, but I’ll also suggest alternatives and solutions. In this and subsequent episodes, I’ll offer some of my keen observations and what should be done if the program will ever truly return to glory.

There’s something to be said for fan attitude. My Saturdays pretty much revolve around college football, which revolves around the weekly Notre Dame installment. We sit here and watch at least a few minutes of every game aired as well.

Every week I realize that Notre Dame fans, while probably superior in sheer numbers across the country, are far inferior in attitude. I watched the Penn State v. Michigan white

out game in envy. It seems every single fan in attendance is committed to making that place a friggin’ nuthouse.

I was at Kyle Field to see the Aggies beat Army, and let me tell you, even in a down year against a mediocre opponent, those fans bring it, week in and week out. Every home game is a maroon-out and is pretty damned impressive!

Why is it I always feel like I’m the youngest Notre Dame fan around? I know that’s not the case, but what do we get to see on TV...Regis Philbin and those two fossils calling the home games on the Notre Dame channel. Regis pumps me up! When I want to get fired up, I think about the toughness of Regis and want to smash somebody’s skull in!

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of asshole to show every once in a while. I’m afraid of what type of signs I’ll see if College GameDay ever makes it to South Bend. I’m not saying Notre Dame fans don’t get fired up. But when I read about intimidating joints to play in, we always hear about the same stadiums and never one in South Bend.

To change, it starts with us! Leave grandma at home and bring your ballzack instead!