25 Celebrity Sports Hotties Who Love Football

Austin SchindelAnalyst IISeptember 9, 2011

25 Celebrity Sports Hotties Who Love Football

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    It is nice when true fans come out and support the team. It is even cooler when movie stars and recording artists stand on the sidelines and make your team look even cooler.

    There are a ton of hot chicks out there. But, there are not that many female celebrities who are also cool enough to like and enjoy football.

    Here are the top 25 celebrity sports hotties and the teams they like.

25. Fergie

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    Fergie is one of the new minority celebrity owners of the Miami Dolphins.

    In addition to being an internationally known pop star and being extremely sexy, this Black Eyed Peas star is giving us another reason to love her and make her music a guilty pleasure.

24. Angie Harmon Sehorn

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    If you have ever watched TNT and saw an advertisement for Rizzoli and Isles, you know what I mean when I say her good looks are the only thing carrying that show.

    As the wife of former NFL stat Jason Sehorn, we assume she caught a couple of games in her time, and might still join her husband as he rehashes the glory days.

23. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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    You may not like her opinions (any you would be right), but you got to respect her for marrying the lesser of the Hasselbeck brothers.

    Matt is still a good quarterback in the NFL, while her husband works at ESPN, talking about him. Despite being very hot, I can imagine that he turns on the game film instead of talking to her on most nights.

22. Tara Reid

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    Before Reid became one of the less flattering members of Hollywood, she was an American sweetheart and apparently a big eagles fan. 

    Here, she is at the game, rocking her D McNabb jersey. Maybe she was the one that put a curse on him.

21. Alyssa Milano

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    Milano is a known Dodgers fan, and until there is a team in LA, she has to settle for the bay area. 

    The team made her a jersey with her name on it, hoping to bring in some more fans and distract people from the terrible season they are about to have.

    That or she is their new starting fullback - it might be an upgrade.

20. Paris Hilton

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    Paris Hilton is another one of those "celebrities" who kind of fell off the map. 

    That being said, she was romantically linked to Brian Urlacher for some time and wore his jersey to show her support.

    Hilton is a bit over the hit, but still has the celebrity status for better or for worse.

19. Jessica Simpson

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    Tony Romo's bad luck charm turned into former NFL tight end Eric Johnson's wife. Either way, she seems to have an affinity for NFL players.

    The celebrity has been seen at many games before, and but will probably stick to watching the games from home with her husband.

18. Elisabeth Shue

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    The actress is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan and was asked by ESPN as one of the celebrities to pick the outcome of Super Bowl XLI.

    Her acting career may not be what it used to be, but she is still famous enough to make it to this list.

17. Jennifer Garner

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    The Los Angeles native wants a team back in her home city. Until then, she is another one of those poor 49ers fans.

    She has been spotted at several games and likes to show of her support whenever possible. 

16. Michelle Beadle

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    The ESPN heartthrob and co-host of "Sportsnation" always has strong opinions about the NFL and its players. Granted, it is her job, but she is so cute doing it.

    My favorite part of any show is when she makes fun of Tom Brady. It is just enjoyable.

15. Carrie Underwood

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    Another one of Romo's former conquests, Carrie Underwood gained a taste of the NFL life.

    Now she is an NHL wag, but hopefully she hasn't lost her pigskin following.

14. Jessica Biel

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    Back when Biel was dating Justin Timberlake, the couple went to several Green Bay Packers games. 

    The actress is pictured here tossing the football around on the beach, an activity that shows that she likes to have fun while also showing a sporty side.

13. Demi Moore

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    Moore is married to Ashton Kutcher, a huge Bears fan. She has taken on the role of wife who goes along with the husband and pretends to care more about the games than she really does.

    That's alright though because its better than taking him to Chuckie Cheese.

12. Jenn Sterger

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    The Jets Gameday host, model, and TV personality made a name for herself for all the wrong reasons. This classy and beautiful woman was able to take that negative press and tern it into a way for us to get to know her in positive light.

    Since then, she has become of the poster girls for hot NFL fans. 

11. Jennifer Lopez

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    Lopez is another fellow minority owner of the Miami Dolphins despite having little interest in football. Regardless, she now roots her hardest for the fins to stay competitive and looks forward to their new stadium.

    She is one of the most popular Latin artists in the world and still has one of the hottest bodies out there.

10. January Jones

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    Jones was spotted with Jeremy Piven on the sidelines of the NFC championship game between the Saints and Vikings two years ago.

    I know that it is a big game that everyone wants to go to, but hanging out on the sidelines is a pretty serious indication of a true fan.

9. Kim Kardashian

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    We all know about Kardashian's relationships with Reggie Bush and Miles Austin. The football lover moved on to an NBA star, but before she was into hoops, she preferred the grid iron.

    Here, she is flashing off her arm on the beach. I'm more interested in the bikini part, but the fact that she is trying her hand in football is pretty cool.

8. Erin Andrews

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    The famous ESPN college football personality made a name for herself by being the girl next door who knew more than you did about football.

    That sexy charm has won over every guy in the country and solidified her as one of the best football babes in sports.

7. Faith Hill

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    Hill has taken the Hank Williams Jr. route and become a football staple through song. She performs the Sunday Night Football introduction song before every game, and gets everyone pumped before the game.

    There is something about the NFL and its country stars. For Faith Hill, we are appreciative that she decided to grace us with her voice every Sunday night.

6. Carmen Electra

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    Who knew that someone so hot could root for a team so bad. That is right ladies and gentlemen, she is a Cincinnati Bengals fan when she is not doing photo shoots or gracing the walls of college dorm rooms.

    I thought she was better than that, but then again, she married Dennis Rodman.

5. Marisa Miller

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    She has played in charity football games and loves sports in general. This mix of gorgeousness, athleticism, and personality make her the dream girl. 

    I don't know many other girls that want to sit as close to the field as possible and actually watch. Miller is one of these girls.

4. Kendra Baskett

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    The former playmate and reality TV star married journeyman wide receiver Hank Baskett. At this point, she is just as much of an NFL player as he is, so they can enjoy sitting around and watching the games together.

    She is one of the hottest NFL celebrities alive and we hope Hank gets another job so we see more of her.

3. Kate Upton

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    Upton recently tweeted, "For my fantasy football I'm just choosing all the highest ranked players.. Is there any other way?"

    The fact that she has a fantasy football team is very impressive. Her beauty is unmatched and she might just be the sexiest woman alive. The fact that she is a nerd is even cooler.

2. Gisele Bundchen

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    Yeah, yeah Tom Brady has it all, who cares (can you taste the bitterness). This doesn't look like a lady who would be too interested in football, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    In her time with the Pats QB, she must have learned a thing or two. At the very least, she is a great person for the cameramen to pan over during the game.

1. Hilary Rhoda

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    The SI swimsuit model dated my boy Mark Sanchez during his rookie season, presumably helping him raise his play on the way to the AFC championship game.

    She may not be the biggest football fan, but she certainly tolerated it enough to date the Jets QB. Their relationship may be over, but I would like to think she still watches the greatest sport in the world.